LTL Panel Delhivery – CL B2B Delhivery Login Guide

Delhivery CL B2B Panel is used to book courier online and manage all Delhivery B2B partner related services. You can book parcel in the Delhivery B2B Panel or LTL Panel login page. Here is how you can use the LTL Panel of Delhivery B2B.

Name of PanelLTL Panel
Panel forB2B partners
Official website

How to book parcel in Delhivery B2B LTL Panel?

To book parcel in the Delhivery LTL Panel, use following process –

  1. Go to .
  2. Open delhivery ltl panel.
  3. Now, use your Delhivery ID to login or use LTL Panel user ID and password.
  4. Go to My orders.
  5. Click on ‘Create New Order’ link.
  6. Enter LR Details.
  7. Choose LTL Panel B2B Client Name.
  8. Enter freight type and payment method.
  9. Provide invoice details.
  10. Enter GST details.
  11. Enter PIN Code of the receiver.
  12. Upload invoice document.
  13. Click on Calculate freight.
  14. Click on Create order after confirmation.
Delhivery CL B2B LTL Panel Login Page Screenshot
Delhivery CL B2B LTL Panel Login Page Screenshot

Request Pickup in Delhivery LTL Panel

How to request order pickup in Delhivery B2B LTL Panel?

  1. Login to the LTL Panel login page.
  2. Go to Request Pickup option.
  3. Open New Request form.
  4. Choose warehouse location.
  5. Enter the number of packages.
  6. Enter the date and pickup time.
  7. Click on Create.

That is how you can create pickup in Delhivery B2B LTL panel.

All services in LTL panel of Delhivery

There are various services available on the Delhivery LTL Panel –

  • My Orders
  • Request Pickup
  • Self drop
  • Delivery preferences
  • Pre-order enquiry
  • Update documents
  • My facilities
  • Wallet
  • Pending tasks
  • Performance dashboard

You can create order, track order and update your details including warehouse details in the Delhivery LTL Panel login page.

Delhivery LTL Panel FAQs

What is the official website of Delhivery LTL panel?

The official website for Delhivery LTL panel is

Who uses LTL panel of Delhivery?

All Delhivery B2B Clients use the LTL Panel.

Can I request pickup in the LTL page?

Yes, you can request order pickup in the Delhivery LTL B2B panel.

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