West Bengal OBC/ST/SC Certificate Check and Verify Online, Full Detail

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If you belong to SC, ST or OBC category in India, then you are required to provide a SC Certificate, ST certificate or OBC Certificate to avail government benefits or reservation benefits. In West Bengal, Backward Classes Welfare Department has launched online Caste Certificate portal for applying SC certificate online, checking OBC, SC and ST certificate status as well as verify certificate online.

Name of ServiceCaste Certificate in West Bengal
AuthorityBackward Classes Welfare Department, Government of West Bengal
BenefitsApplying for Caste Certificate, SC Certificate, ST Certificate and OBC Certificate and checking application status
Official Websitehttps://castcertificatewb.gov.in/
Caste Certificate West Bengal

SC, ST and OBC Caste Certificate Online Apply in West Bengal

How to apply online for caste certificate like SC or ST or OBC Certificate in West Bengal?

  1. Go to https://castcertificatewb.gov.in/
  2. Click on ‘Apply for SC/ST/OBC’ link 1 or link 2.
  3. Choose your West Bengal District.
  4. Select your Sub-division and Municipality or Block.
  5. Select Caste/Tribe/Community and category of caste certificate application type – SC, ST, or OBC.
  6. Enter personal details like name, father’s name and contact details.
  7. Enter one document for PoI.
  8. Enter DOB and place of birth.
  9. Provide your address details in the Caste certificate form.
  10. Enter your nationality, gender and religion in the SC/ST/OBC Certificate application form.
  11. Provide details of any other relative who is a caste certificate holder.
  12. Enter migration details as asked and then submit the West bengal caste certificate online application form.
Caste Certificate West Bengal Apply Online - SC ST OBC Certificate Online Application
Caste Certificate West Bengal Apply Online – SC ST OBC Certificate Online Application

You will now be moved to the next step of online caste certificate application process. If you are an OBC candidate then for OBC Certificate online application, enter following details on next page –

  • Parent’s service details.
  • Agricultural land details.
  • Income and Wealth details.

If you do not belong to OBC category, you will not get the additional form in Step 2. Now, you will have to go to next step of the caste certificate online application. Upload documents on the next page –

Documents Required for Caste Certificate (SC/ST/OBC)

For West Bengal caste certificate form, you need to provide following documents –

  • Applicant’s Photograph
  • Caste identification document
  • Age proof
  • Proof of citizenship
  • proof of local residence

Once you have uploaded the documents, submit the caste certificate or SC ST OBC application form. You will now get an acknowledgement number. Save it for further use. You can check your SC Certificate application status using that.

SC ST OBC Caste Certificate Application form process in West Bengal
SC ST OBC Caste Certificate Application form process in West Bengal

OBC ST SC Application Status Check – West Bengal

How to check OBC Caste Certificate status in West Bengal?

To check OBC Certificate Status, use following step –

  • Go to https://castcertificatewb.gov.in/
  • Now, click on Application Check option.
  • Enter your OBC Certificate Application number or acknowledgement number.
  • Submit the form and check OBC Certificate status online.

How to check SC ST Caste Certificate Status in West Bengal?

To check ST Certificate status or SC Certificate status in West Bengal, use following steps –

  • Go to https://castcertificatewb.gov.in/ website.
  • Go to ‘Application check’ page link 1 or link 2.
  • Enter the SC ST Application reference number.
  • Submit and your ST SC certificate status will be shown there.
SC ST OBC Caste Certificate Check in West Bengal
SC ST OBC Caste Certificate Check in West Bengal

Caste Certificate Verification in West Bengal – SC ST OBC Certificate Verify

How to verify Caste certificate like SC ST OBC Certificate online?

  • Go to Official website of West Bengal Caste certificate.
  • Go to ‘Check Certificate’ section.
  • If your caste certificate is new, then all you need to enter is your West bengal caste certificate number.
  • Submit and your certificate verification can be done instantly.
  • All your caste certificate details will be shown there.
  • If your SC ST OBC Certificate is old, then enter details as asked there –
    • Old Certificate No
    • Year of Issue
    • Issuing Authority
    • Name
    • Date of Issue
  • You can now search your West Bengal caste certificate there using those details.
  • Submit and your caste certificate verification will be done now.

This is how you verify caste certificate in West Bengal.

Caste Certificate West Bengal Official WebsiteClick here to visit
Apply online for WB Caste CertificateClick here to apply
SC Certificate, SC Certificate and OBC Certificate Status Check OnlineClick here to check
SC ST OBC Caste Certificate Verification LinkClick here to verify
Swasthya Sathi Card Status CheckCheck Swasthya Sathi Card Status
Our Home PageOfficial Home
How can I check my SC Certificate Status without acknowledgement number?

You can check your status by searching your SC certificate through other options or you can visit your local block office and get your information from there.

What is the fees for Caste Certificate in West Bengal?

There is no fees for Caste certificate application in West Bengal. It is free and you should not give any bribe to any officer.

How to search old caste certificate on the website?

To search old caste certificate, you need to provide the old certificate number with other information like when was the certificate issued and authority which issued it.

What is the website for Caste certificate in West bengal?

The official website is https://castcertificatewb.gov.in/ .

What information to I need to fill in online application?

The required information for the “Application form for SC/ST/OBC Certificate” from the Government of West Bengal’s Backward Classes Welfare Department is as follows:
Application To:
State: WEST BENGAL (Mandatory)
District (Mandatory)
Sub-Division (Mandatory)
Municipality Block
GP/ward (Mandatory)
Application For:
Select from SC, ST, OBC (Mandatory)
Caste/Tribe/Community (Mandatory)
Personal Information:
Name (Mandatory)
Father’s Name (Mandatory)
Mobile Number
Valid Email Address
Documents Required (At least One Mandatory):
Epic No.
Aadhar No.
Category Selection
Khadyasathi No.
Date and Place of Birth:
Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy) (Mandatory)
Place of Birth: District (Mandatory), Police Station (Mandatory), Village/Town (Mandatory)
Address Details:
Present Address for Last 6 Months: C/O Name, State (Mandatory), District (Mandatory), Police Station (Mandatory), Ward/GP (Mandatory), Vill/Para/House No./Road (Mandatory), Post Office (Mandatory), Pin Code
Permanent Address: Same as Present (Yes/No option), C/O Name, State (Mandatory), District (Mandatory), Police Station (Mandatory), Ward/GP (Mandatory), Vill/Para/House No./Road (Mandatory), Post Office, Pin Code
Option to add more addresses (Yes/No)
Nationality: INDIAN (Mandatory)
Religion (Mandatory)
Gender (Mandatory)
Blood Relation Details (If Applicable):
Certificate holder’s name (Mandatory if applicable)
Certificate No (Mandatory if applicable)
Date of issue (dd/mm/yyyy) (Mandatory if applicable)
Relation with applicant (Mandatory if applicable)
Issuing authority (Mandatory if applicable)
Details of Two Local Referees:
Name of Referee-I (Mandatory)
Address of Referee-I (Mandatory)
Name of Referee-II (Mandatory)
Address of Referee-II (Mandatory)
Migration Details (If Applicable):
Whether the applicant or his family migrated from other State/Country (Yes/No)
Migration Certificate No (If applicable)
Date of Issue (If applicable)
Country (If applicable)
State (If applicable)
District (If applicable)
Police Station (If applicable)
Village/Ward (If applicable)
Year of migration (If applicable)
Each of these sections is crucial for completing the application accurately. Please ensure that all mandatory fields are filled in correctly and that any applicable optional information is provided to strengthen the application.

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