Police Verification Form Download – Delhi Police Clearance Certificate

Police verification online form is an application form that needs to be submitted in the Police Station to obtain the Police verification certificate. The certificate proves that you are not in Police record for criminal or illegal activity. The certificate is often a replacement for Character certificate or PV Certificate.

Police verification Online

Can you do the Police verification online? What is the process for that?

  • Go to Delhi police website
  • Open citizen services page
  • Click on Police Clearance Certificate
  • Click on register button
  • Enter your email address
  • Click on ‘Send me verification code’
  • Enter Validation code and submit
  • Enter user type
  • Enter name for Police clearance certificate
  • Enter password and mobile number
  • Complete registration for Police verification online in Delhi.

Type of Police Clearance Certificates

There are five types of Police verification or Police Clearance Certificates –

  • Arms and other Licensing related forms
  • Tenant Verification Form
  • Domestic Help Verification Form
  • Police Verification for Bed and Breakfast Scheme
  • Insignia pattern

Delhi Police Verification Form Online

Once you login, you need to open the Police verification form link. Then choose following option – Application form for Police clearance certificate by an Indian.
Fill the form as follows –

  • Enter Name of Applicant
  • Choose S/O , D/O or W/O
  • Enter DOB
  • Enter address of applicant
  • Enter Application residing period from and to
  • Enter Nationality
  • Enter Aadhaar Card Number
  • Enter Police Station Name
  • Choose district
  • Enter mobile number and email address
  • Choose PCC type
  • Select Gender
  • Enter the private organization details
  • Upload documents
  • Submit the form for Police Clearance Certificate

police verification certificate online delhi

Police Verification Form PDF Download

You can also download PDF form for applying. Download the Police Verification Form in PDF and fill as told above. Attach the documents that are required with the application form and submit for verification.

Once verified, you will be issued the PCC or Police Clearance Certificate. You can download it in PDF too.

Click here to download the Police verification certificate form in PDF.

Arms and other Licensing related forms
Tenant Verification Form
Domestic Help Verification Form
FORM B Police Verification for Bed and Breakfast Scheme
Delhi Police – Insignia pattern

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