Canara Bank ATM Card Online Transactions Activate or Deactivate

Can I activate online transactions for my Canara Bank ATM/Debit card through mobile banking?
Yes, Canara Bank customers can now activate or deactivate online transactions for their ATM/Debit card through the mobile banking application.

If my ATM/Debit card is disabled for online transactions, how can I enable it?
To enable online transactions for your Canara Bank ATM card, simply log in to the Mobile Banking application and follow the steps below:

  1. Tap and open the “Cards” section in the Mobile Banking app.
  2. Select your Debit Card and click on “Domestic Usage.”
  3. Turn ON the “ONLINE (ECOM)” option and set the limit for online payments. Submit the changes.

What can I do if I don’t want to use my ATM/Debit card for online transactions?
If you prefer not to use your Canara ATM card for online transactions, you can turn OFF the online usage option through the Mobile Banking app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Canara Bank ATM card online payment declining?
If your Canara ATM card online payment is declining, it may be because the card is not active for ONLINE (ECOM) transactions. Please log in to the Mobile Banking app and enable the ONLINE (ECOM) option for your ATM card.

How can I disable online usage for my Canara ATM Debit card?
To disable online usage for your Canara ATM Debit card, log in to the Mobile Banking app and turn OFF the ONLINE (ECOM) option.

Can I use my Canara Bank ATM/Debit card online?
Yes, you can use your Canara ATM/Debit card online for payments. You just need to enable online transactions for your Debit card through the Mobile Banking app.

How can I use my Canara Bank ATM/Debit card for online shopping?
If your Canara ATM/Debit card is active for online usage, you can use it for online shopping. Please log in to the Mobile Banking app to check whether your ATM card is enabled for online transactions or not.

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