Why #VideoCamScam is trending in India on Social Media?

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A new web series called “Video Cam Scam” has started a big conversation in India. This show, which you can watch on EPIC ON, is all about the tricky and often hidden world of online cheating called sextortion. Because of this show, lots of people are using the hashtag #VideoCamScam on social media.

What’s the Show ‘Video Cam Scam About?

“Video Cam Scam” is a thrilling story with actors Rajneish Duggall and Amruta Khanvilkar. It’s about the dangerous side of the internet, where people get blackmailed or tricked using fake videos or photos. The show is not just a regular drama; it talks about how these scams can really mess with people’s feelings and lives.

Why People are Talking About It?

The show has made a lot of people think about how safe they are online. It shows real problems like sextortion, where someone might use a fake video to scare or blackmail someone. This is a big deal nowadays, and the show helps people understand what’s going on.

What People are Saying On Social Media?

On social media, the hashtag #VideoCamScam is trending. This means lots of people are talking about the show and the real problems it shows. It’s not just entertaining; it’s also teaching people about important issues like online safety.

The show “Video Cam Scam” is a big step for web shows. It’s not just for fun; it’s also about teaching people about keeping safe in the digital world. The show is getting praise for making people aware of these issues in a way that’s interesting and makes you think.

To watch the series or learn more about it, you can check out EPIC ON.

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