Using Intra Haryana Portal for Leave Applications Is Easy, Here’s How

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Government employees in Haryana can easily apply for leave through the Intra Haryana portal. The process begins with a simple registration on Here, employees select their job type and enter details like their payee code and bank account number. For verification, the portal requires a mobile number, either from HRMS or E-Salary, and sends an OTP (One-Time Password) to this number. Once received, employees enter the OTP and set their password, completing the registration.

Applying for Leave on Intra Haryana Portal

Logging in is just as straightforward. Employees use their payee code, phone number, or bank account number, along with the password and a security code displayed on the screen, to access their account. The portal’s leave module is user-friendly, enabling employees to apply for leave with a few clicks. They need to fill in the necessary details in the leave application form, verify it with an OTP, and save their request. The portal also allows employees to edit, withdraw, or download their leave applications and check the status of submitted requests.

Leave Module To Apply for Leave on Intra Haryana

  1. Click “Online Leave and Tour Module” from the left menu.
  2. Applying for Leave:
    • Select “Apply for Leave” and fill mandatory fields.
    • Enter OTP and click “Save.”
    • Withdraw, edit, or download leave using right-side buttons.
    • Check leave status under “My Leaves” > “Leave Status.”
    • Download leave confirmation.
  3. Approving/Rejecting Leaves (Reporting Officer):
    • Go to “Leave/Tour Request of Subordinate Staff.”
    • Select “Leaves Approval” and choose “Leaves Pending for Approval.”
    • Enter remarks and click “Approve” or “Reject.”
    • Enter OTP received on your phone.
    • Optionally return with observations or forward to another reporting officer.

Joining Duty After Leave

  1. Click “Approved Leaves” and then “Join.”
  2. Fill mandatory fields and dates, click “Update.”

Tour Module On Intra Haryana Portal

  1. Click “Apply for Tour” and fill mandatory fields.
  2. Optionally apply for tour with leave.
  3. View tour history under “View Tour.”
  4. Edit, withdraw, or check approval status similar to leave module.

For supervisors, the portal includes a section for approving or rejecting leave requests. They can view pending requests, add remarks, and make a decision, which is also verified using an OTP. After leave, employees can easily mark their return to duty on the portal by filling in the required details and updating their status.

In addition to leave, the Intra Haryana portal also facilitates tour applications. Employees can apply for a tour, combine it with leave if necessary, and view their tour history. The process for editing, withdrawing, or checking the approval status of tour applications mirrors that of the leave module.

In summary, the Intra Haryana portal makes it easy for government employees in Haryana to manage their leaves and tours, providing a convenient, online solution for these essential tasks.

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