UPC cannot be generated And Other Vodafone Port Error Complaints

Vodafone, one of India’s leading telecommunications companies, has been facing criticism for its alleged reluctance to provide Unique Porting Codes (UPC) to customers seeking to port their numbers to other service providers. The UPC is a mandatory code required to initiate the porting process, and its denial can hinder customers’ ability to switch networks.

Several customers have reported encountering issues when attempting to generate their UPC through Vodafone’s online portal or customer service channels. Upon requesting the code, they receive a message stating, “UPC cannot be generated as there are subsisting contractual obligations with your service provider.”

This message raises concerns about Vodafone’s potential attempts to retain customers by delaying their porting requests. Customers suspect that Vodafone may be using contractual obligations as a pretext to prevent them from switching to other networks.

The issue has caused significant frustration among customers, who feel trapped in their current contracts with Vodafone due to the inability to obtain the UPC. They are left with limited options and may face additional charges if they choose to remain with Vodafone.

Vodafone has yet to provide a clear explanation for the UPC generation issues, and customers remain uncertain about the reasons behind the delays. The company should address these concerns transparently and take necessary steps to streamline the porting process for its customers.

The ability to switch network providers is a fundamental right for telecom consumers, and Vodafone’s actions are raising concerns about potential anti-competitive practices. TRAI should closely monitor the situation and take appropriate action to ensure that customers’ rights are protected.

In the meantime, customers facing difficulties in obtaining their UPC from Vodafone are advised to contact TRAI’s helpline or file an online complaint. TRAI can intervene and facilitate the porting process, ensuring that customers are not unfairly prevented from switching networks.

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