Trained Candidates Report (AC&ABC) For Agri-Clinics and Agri-Business Centre

The Trained Candidates Report (AC&ABC) provides valuable insights into the number of candidates who have undergone training in various states and union territories of India. This report is an essential tool for evaluating the effectiveness of training programs in the country.

Trained Candidates Report (AC&ABC) For Agri-Clinics and Agri-Business Centre
Trained Candidates Report (AC&ABC) For Agri-Clinics and Agri-Business Centre

How to Access the Agri-Clinics and Agri-Business Centre Trained Candidates Report?

To access the Trained Candidates Report (AC&ABC), please follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the official website: ACABC MIS
  2. On the homepage, navigate to the “Trained Candidates Report” section.
  3. Fill in the required information:
    • From Date: Enter the starting date in DD/MM/YYYY format.
    • To Date: Enter the ending date in DD/MM/YYYY format.
    • State: Select the desired state from the drop-down menu.
    • District: Select a specific district or choose “All District” for a comprehensive report.
    • Institute: Select a particular institute or choose “All Institute” for a broader view.
    • Training Period: Specify the duration of the training program.

Once you have provided the necessary details, click on the “Submit” button. The Trained Candidates Report will then be displayed, showing the number of candidates trained in each state or union territory.

Trained Applicants Report Summary

The following is a summary of the Trained Applicants Report for the selected period:

  • ANDHRA PRADESH: 767 candidates
  • ARUNACHAL PRADESH: 14 candidates
  • ASSAM: 118 candidates
  • BIHAR: 601 candidates
  • CHANDIGARH: 53 candidates
  • CHHATTISGARH: 316 candidates
  • GUJARAT: 674 candidates
  • HARYANA: 189 candidates
  • JAMMU AND KASHMIR: 68 candidates
  • JHARKHAND: 129 candidates
  • KARNATAKA: 1010 candidates
  • KERALA: 54 candidates
  • MADHYA PRADESH: 2922 candidates
  • MAHARASHTRA: 10489 candidates
  • MANIPUR: 84 candidates
  • MIZORAM: 21 candidates
  • ODISHA: 77 candidates
  • PUDUCHERRY: 29 candidates
  • PUNJAB: 49 candidates
  • RAJASTHAN: 1587 candidates

Total: 31,138 candidates

Please note that this report is subject to change as new data becomes available.

For any support, feedback, or queries, you can reach out to the ACABC support team by writing to

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