EGFR Calculator To Calculate Estimated GFR

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The Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate (EGFR) is a measurement that helps assess kidney function. It is commonly used to determine the stage of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and to monitor its progression.

Our EGFR Calculator is a handy tool that allows you to estimate your kidney function based on your Creatinine level and age. This calculator provides an approximate value of your GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) in milliliters per minute per 1.73 square meters (mL/min/1.73m²), which is an important indicator of kidney health.

To use the EGFR Calculator, follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter your Creatinine level (in milligrams per deciliter, mg/dL).
  2. Enter your age (in years).
  3. Click on the “Calculate” button.

The calculator will then process your input and display your Estimated GFR on the screen. It calculates the EGFR using the simplified Modification of Diet in Renal Disease (sMDRD) formula, which takes into account the Creatinine level and age.

Please note that the estimated GFR provided by this calculator is not a definitive diagnosis and should be interpreted by a healthcare professional. It is essential to consult with your doctor for a comprehensive evaluation and accurate diagnosis of your kidney function.

While the EGFR Calculator can be a helpful tool, it is important to remember that it does not replace medical advice or professional medical judgment. The results obtained from this calculator should be used for informational purposes only. Always consult with your healthcare provider or nephrologist for any concerns regarding your kidney health.

Take control of your kidney health by using our convenient EGFR Calculator to estimate your kidney function. Remember, nothing can replace the expertise and guidance of a medical professional when it comes to understanding and managing your health!

**Disclaimer: This calculator is provided for informational purposes only. The results obtained should not be considered as medical advice or a substitute for professional medical care. The responsibility for any decisions made based on this calculator lies with the user.