TNSTC Customer Complaint About Poor Bus Timings, Cancellations, and Service Quality

The Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (TNSTC) is facing a surge in customer complaints regarding bus timings, cancellations, and poor service. Disgruntled passengers have taken to social media platforms to express their growing frustration with the corporation’s services.

Amongst the numerous issues repeatedly raised in these complaints, the most prominent concerns include buses not adhering to their scheduled timings, leading to inconvenience and frustration for passengers. Additionally, there have been instances where buses were abruptly canceled without prior notice, leaving commuters stranded and disrupting their travel plans. Customers have also expressed disappointment with the poor service quality, highlighting encounters with rude conductors, unclean buses, and a lack of basic amenities during their journeys.

Recognizing the mounting concerns, TNSTC has acknowledged the situation and assured passengers that steps are being taken to address the issues at hand. The corporation has made a commitment to improve bus timings, reduce cancellations, and enhance overall service quality for the benefit of its customers.

In order to mitigate potential inconveniences, passengers are being provided with some recommendations. It is advised to carefully plan journeys in advance, paying close attention to bus timings to avoid unexpected surprises. TNSTC also encourages passengers to take advantage of online ticket booking to avoid long queues at bus stands. Carrying extra cash is advised to handle any unforeseen delays or cancellations that may arise. Finally, passengers are encouraged to file complaints with TNSTC should they encounter any issues during their travels, as this will assist the corporation in identifying and resolving recurring problems.

Given the current situation, it is evident that TNSTC needs to take swift action to rectify the mounting customer complaints. Improved communication with passengers, addressing the underlying causes of delays and cancellations, and investing in comprehensive staff training are crucial steps that must be taken by the corporation. Until these issues are effectively resolved, passengers are advised to exercise caution when choosing TNSTC as their preferred mode of travel.

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