These Two Actors May Be in New “Ramayana” Movie, And You Can’t Guess Them

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There’s big news that’s catching everyone in the Bollywood movie world by surprise. This big project has got people talking. It’s being led by Nitesh Tiwari, a well-known director, and it’s expected to be something special because of how much people respect the original story.

So, It looks like Bobby Deol and Lara Dutta might get important parts in the new movie version of the ‘Ramayana’.

Bobby Deol, who we usually see in action and love stories, might be playing Kumbhakarna, the huge brother of the bad king Ravana, in the movie. This is catching people’s attention because it’s very different from what Deol usually does. His fans can’t wait to see him bring this strong and complex character to life.

Lara Dutta, known for acting in many different kinds of movies, is possibly going to be Queen Kaikeyi. Dutta is known for her strong acting, and everyone thinks she’ll do a great job playing the queen, who is an important part of the Ramayana.

If these actors are really picked, it would show that the moviemakers are ready to try new things and change how traditional stories are told. Tiwari’s choices could lead to different and interesting picks for roles in Bollywood movies.

The ‘Ramayana’ is a story that people in India have grown up with and love very much. This new movie, with its surprising actor choices, is likely to get a lot of people excited and start conversations among fans and critics.

With more news to come, this is a mix of old and new that promises to give us a new look at a story that’s been told for a very long time.

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