The E-Transport Permit Details in Andhra Pradesh

Rule 74-A formalizes the requirement of an e-transport permit for the transportation of notified commodities purchased by a trader. This article provides a comprehensive overview of this legislation and its implications.

The Mandate for An E-Transport Permit

According to the first part of this rule, every vehicle that transports notified commodities bought by a trader must possess an e-transport permit. This permit is provided by a designated electronic online platform.

Generation of the E-Transport Permit

The e-transport permit is generated on the designated platform in two possible scenarios:

  1. Through Commission Agents: If purchases are made via commission agents within a market yard, the e-transport permit is generated immediately after the commodities’ delivery. Here, the agents’ user id and password are utilized on the online platform.
  2. By the Trader: If the trader makes purchases without the assistance of commission agents, the trader must pay the market fee first to the market committee’s designated account. After this, the trader will generate the e-transport permit using their own user id and password on the online platform.

Once it is generated on the platform, the e-transport permit can be printed by the commission agent or trader, depending on the situation. The e-transport permit acts as a proof of payment of market fees, allowing transportation of the goods beyond the notified area without incurring additional market fees.

Allocation of E-Transport Permit Copies

Different scenarios determine the allocation of e-transport permit copies:

  1. If the permit is created using the commission agent’s credentials, copies should be distributed to the commission agent, trader, the accompanying vehicle, and the market committee.
  2. If the trader generates the permit as per sub-rule (3), a copy is provided to the trader, the vehicle, and the market committee.

The e-transport permit accompanying the commodities in transit should be produced for inspection at the check-point or to an authorized officer under rule 75. The trader should retain their copy and present it during assessment or inspection.

E-Transport Permit for Secondary Sales

For secondary sales by traders, fresh e-transport permits can be generated. These new permits should be linked to the relevant previous ones.

Transition from Export Permit System

Effective from a future date to be notified by the government, the existing export permit system will be discontinued and the e-transport permit will become mandatory. This signifies the government’s shift towards digital solutions to streamline procedures and increase efficiency in the transportation of commodities.

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