T App Folio Telangana For Aadhaar Slot Booking And More Services

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T App Folio, the official mobile app of the Telangana government, provides convenient access to various online services and facilitates online payments for them. From booking Aadhaar appointments to applying for government documents, registering vehicles, paying fees, accessing land records, and settling utility bills, T App Folio simplifies your interactions with the state government.

Downloading and Installing T App Folio

For Android users:

  1. Go to the Play Store.
  2. Search for “T App Folio”.
  3. Verify the app provided by the ITE&C Department.
  4. Click “Install”.
  5. Download and install T App Folio.

Download Details:

Downloading and Installing T App Folio

Logging into T App Folio

  1. Download the app and launch it.
  2. Enter your mobile number.
  3. Register using the OTP received.
  4. For future logins, enter your MPIN.
  5. Enter your User ID and Password.
  6. Access the T App Folio dashboard for online services.
Logging into T App Folio

Additionally, you can access services through the MeeSeva portal 2.0:

  1. Open https://ts.meeseva.telangana.gov.in/meeseva/login.htm.
  2. Select your category: Citizen, Kiosk, or Department.
  3. Enter your credentials.
  4. Click “Login”.

Booking Aadhaar Appointments with T App Folio

  1. Open T App Folio.
  2. Enter your mobile number and MPIN.
  3. Click “Aadhaar Slot Booking”.
  4. Select “Slot Booking”.
  5. Enter your name, mobile number, and email ID.
  6. Choose your district and Aadhaar card center for booking.
  7. Select a date and time slot for service.
  8. Pay the User charge of Rs.10.
  9. Your Aadhaar slot will be confirmed upon successful payment.

T App Folio offers numerous other services beyond Aadhaar booking. Explore the app and discover the ease and convenience it brings to interacting with the Telangana government.

Some of the most searched services on T App Folio


  • Check your Intermediate exam results effortlessly.
  • Apply for scholarships and educational loans with ease.
  • Access college admission details and track their processing status.


  • Book appointments at government hospitals and clinics online.
  • View your medical records and test results digitally.
  • Apply for health insurance schemes quickly and efficiently.

Social Welfare:

  • Apply for pensions and other social welfare benefits conveniently.
  • Track the status of your applications and receive updates directly.
  • Access information about various welfare schemes available in Telangana.


  • Register as a farmer and obtain land records online.
  • Apply for crop loans and subsidies directly through the app.
  • Access real-time market prices for agricultural produce.

Business and Investments:

  • Register your business and obtain necessary licenses quickly.
  • File your taxes and make payments seamlessly within the app.
  • Access investment opportunities and government schemes for entrepreneurs.

For more, visit the official website of T App Folio at Meeseva.

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