Spice Money Login for Agents, B2B and Adhikari

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Spice Money login option is for All B2B agents or Adhikari of Spice Money services. If you are an agent of AEPS member, then you can visit the official website of ‘B2B portal for Agents’ and login to ‘b2b.spicesafar.com’ which is now ‘b2b.spicemoney.com’.

Name of ServiceSpice Money Login
CompanySpice Digital Limited
Login TypeB2B, Agent Login
Official Websiteb2b.spicemoney.com
Login LinkClick here to login

Spice Money login

How to login into the Spice Money login page for agents?

  1. Go to https://b2b.spicemoney.com/loginPageLogin

    First of all, in your browser, open https://b2b.spicemoney.com/loginPageLogin website. It will open the Spice Safar page which is now Spice Money B2B Agent portal.

  2. Open ‘Login to Continue’ form.

    On the right side of the page, there is an option called ‘Login to Continue’. Go there and then locate the Spice money agent login form.

  3. Enter your Agent ID.

    Now, to login into the Spice Money Agent B2B portal, you need to enter your Spice Money Login ID which is same as your Agent ID.

  4. Enter your password.

    For the agent Id that you have entered, also enter your Spice money login password.

  5. Submit the form and login.

    Submit your user ID and password to login into the Spice Money dashboard.

spice money details in hindi
Spice Money B2B login page for agents

Spice Money Adhikari Login

Spice Money Adhikari is a mobile app available for Spice Money agent login. For all B2B login service, download the Spice Money adhikari app and login to it.

  • Go to Play Store.
  • Download Spice Money Adhikari App.
  • Open the App and go to Spice Money Adhikari login page.
  • Enter your Spice Money Adhikari ID.
  • Enter your password.
  • Login to the Spice Money Adhikari login app.

Click here to download the Spice Money Adhikari App.

Spice Money Adhikari Login App
Spice Money Adhikari Login App

Spice Money Services

When you are logged in to the Spice Money Adhikari Login app or Spice Money B2B Agent portal login page, you can provide following services –

  • Aadhaar Withdrawal via AePS
  • Mini ATM services
  • Money Transfer
  • Tours and Travels
  • Bill Payment
  • Cash Collection
  • Online Shopping
  • Loans
  • Insurance and LIC Payments

Many other services are available to Spice Money agents and adhikari. Go to login page and login to see all services.

Spice Money Login ID

What is Spice money login ID?

For Agents, your Agent ID is same as your Spice Money login ID. When you visit the B2B portal for agents, you can use your Agent ID to login.

What is Spice Money login ID for App?

If you download the Spice Money Adhikari App and try to login there, you will have to use your Adhikari ID as your Spice Money login ID.


What is official website for Spice Money B2B login?

The official website for Spice Money B2B login is https://b2b.spicemoney.com/ .

How to get my Spice money ID if I forget it?

You can download the Spice Money Adhikari App and then retrieve your Agent ID or Adhikari ID.

How to get help related to Spice Money login problems?

Contact following number for help related to Spice money issues – 0120-3645645. You can also write to sales@spicemoney.com for sales related problems.

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