Schemes Provided by Andaman and Nicobar Island Agriculture Department

The Department of Agriculture in Andaman and Nicobar Islands offers various services and schemes to support farmers in their agricultural endeavors. These schemes aim to enhance crop husbandry, minor irrigation, and soil conservation. Let’s take a summarized look at the assistance provided under these schemes:

Crop Husbandry

Scheme No. 1: Assistance to farmers under High Yielding Programme

  • 20% cost subsidy for seeds, fertilizers, and other inputs.
  • 50% cost subsidy for organic manures/biofertilizers.
  • 20% cost subsidy for Plant Protection Equipment.
  • 75% cost subsidy for biopesticides.
  • 15% cost subsidy for Plant Protection Chemicals.
  • 100% transport subsidy on the purchase of all agriculture inputs.
  • Distribution of Tractors (up to 40 PTO hp) with implements, extension wheel, cage wheel on a loan/cash-cum-subsidy basis with a 25% cost subsidy limited to Rs.1.0 lakh or less, along with 100% transport subsidy.
  • Distribution of Power Tillers (8BHP and above) on loan/cash-cum-subsidy basis with a 40% cost subsidy limited to Rs.45,000/- or less, with 100% transport subsidy.
  • Distribution of Modern Farm Machineries/Equipments on loan/cash-cum-subsidy basis with a 40% cost subsidy limited to Rs.45,000/- or less, with 100% transport subsidy.
  • 100% subsidy on Crop Insurance Premium for Paddy & Pulses.

Scheme No. 2: Assistance to farmers for promotion of Horticulture Crop and High Value Agriculture

  • 20% cost subsidy and 100% transport subsidy for planting materials and seeds imported from the mainland, including medicinal and aromatic plants.
  • 50% cost subsidy, up to Rs.1500/- per Bee Colony, with 100% transport subsidy for bee-hive boxes.
  • 50% cost subsidy, up to Rs.20000/-, for the production of Ordinary/Vermicompost in cultivators’ fields.
  • 50% cost subsidy, up to Rs.10000/-, with 100% transport subsidy for improved Copra Dryer.
  • Assistance of Rs.30000/- per ha for clusters of 50ha x 30000/- organized by 10 to 15 farmers in the selected Gram Panchayat for commercial cultivation of vegetables.
  • Cultivation of vegetables in Homesteads/Kitchen Gardens with a cost of Input kit of Rs.350/- per kit.
  • Assistance of Rs.10000/- to each educational institution for cultivation of vegetables by teachers/students group.
  • Assistance of Rs.10000/- to women’s groups to organize local markets for marketing vegetables produced in Homesteads/Kitchen Gardens.
  • Assistance of Rs.20000/- to each decentralized nursery for creating infrastructure facilities to produce quality planting material for spice production.
  • Assistance for planting new pepper standards at Rs.25/- per pepper standard to promote pepper production throughout the islands.

Scheme No. 3: Training and Extension Programme (IT & Demonstration)

  • Training incentive of Rs.75/- per farmer per day for trainee farmers.

Minor Irrigation

Scheme No. 1: Development of Minor Irrigation

  • 50% cost subsidy on the construction of MI Ponds, Ring Wells, and purchase of Pumpsets (0.5hp to 5.0hp) on a loan/cash-cum-subsidy basis for individual beneficiaries/Cooperative Societies.
  • Cultivators should meet the minimum land criteria.
  • In case of joint mutation, NOC of the co-tenants duly authenticated by the concerned Gram Panchayat Pradhan/Tehsildar should be enclosed.

Soil Conservation

Scheme No. 1: Soil conservation works and strengthening of Soil Testing Laboratory

  • Conservation of Soil in individual holdings, development of hilly land, promotion of BBF through a loan-cum-subsidy/shramdhan-cum-subsidy scheme for individuals and Cooperative Societies.

These services aim to support agriculture in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, promoting sustainable farming practices and providing essential assistance to farmers.

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