Registering Your Property for Punjab Property Tax Is Easy, Here’s Full Guide

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Owning property in Punjab comes with responsibilities, including paying property tax. But going through the registration process can seem confusing. Worry not! This guide simplifies the steps to register your property for Punjab Property Tax.

What is the Jamabandi Punjab Property Tax Register?

Imagine a digital library documenting all properties in Punjab, complete with their tax details. That’s the Jamabandi Punjab Property Tax Register. It lists:

  • Location: District, Tehsil, Village, Khasra, and Khewat numbers.
  • Owner: Name, address, and contact information.
  • Property: Plot area, type (residential, commercial, etc.).
  • Tax: Current property tax, outstanding dues, and exemption status.
  • History: Recent changes in ownership or land use.

How to open the Punjab Jamabandi Register Online?

Good news! Accessing this valuable resource is free and online:

  1. Visit the Punjab Land Records website:
  2. Locate your property using any of these:
    • District, Tehsil, and Village name
    • Khasra and Khewat numbers
    • Owner name
    • Property ID/Registration number

Registering Your Property On Punjab Jamabandi Register

While online registration isn’t available yet, here’s how to proceed offline:

  1. Find your property information: Use the online register as mentioned above. If you need an official land record document (Fard), request it online for a small fee.
  2. Locate the Registration Authority: Identify the relevant Municipal Corporation or Tehsil office responsible for property tax registration in your area. Use the website’s “Contact Us” section or online search to find them.
  3. Prepare documents: Gather necessary documents like property deeds, ownership proof, identification, and recent tax receipts. Double-check specific requirements with the relevant office.
  4. Visit the Registration Authority: Submit your documents and application form (available at the office). Pay any applicable fees and follow the official procedures.
  5. Online Payment (optional): If your locality offers online payment, explore this option through the relevant Municipality or Tehsil office website.

Benefits of Registration On Punjab Jamabandi Register Website

By registering your property, you enjoy many benefits:

  • Verify ownership: Ensure rightful ownership before buying or renting.
  • Check tax dues: Check outstanding payments and avoid penalties.
  • Tax planning: Plan your payments based on the assessed value.
  • Dispute resolution: Use the register as evidence in property-related disputes.


Registering your property for Punjab Property Tax is essential for responsible ownership and smooth tax management. While the process involves offline steps, this guide helps you with the knowledge and resources to go through it with confidence.

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