Pointclickcare Login or POC CNA Login on pointclickcare.com

pointclickcare.com is the official website for PointClickCare Point of Care. You can login to the Poinclickcare page by visiting login.pointclickcare.com. CNAs can document the care they provide on the PointClickCare portal. Here is detailed information about it.

PointClickCare Login

How to login into the PointClickCare login page?

  • Go to login.pointclickcare.com
  • Enter your User ID.
  • Enter your password.
  • Click on the ‘Login’ button.
  • Now, your PointClickCare login dashboard homepage will get opened.

PointClickCare Login Portal Options

Once you login into the pointclickcare.com login page, you will see four options –

  • Home
  • Admin
  • Clinical
  • Reports
Pointclickcare login page
Pointclickcare login page

How to open login to Pointclickcare POC CNA Login Module Page?

To login into the Pointclickcare POC CNA Login Module, use following steps –

  • Go to login.pointclickcarel.com and login using your credentials.
  • In the homepage, go to menu and select Clinical option.
  • Now, go to Modules option.
  • From Modules, click on POC link.
  • Now your POC CNA dashboard will get opened on the screen.

On the page, you will see three options –

  • Home
  • POC Shift Dashboard
  • POC

Now, you can see all the resident in the facility listed there.

How to document care on PointClickCare POC page?

  • Login to the pointclickcare POC CNA login page.
  • Go to Clinical > Modules > POC.
  • Then click on POC option again.
  • Select the resident you want to document care for.
  • The resident profile will load on your screen.
  • Choose the type of care you want to document.
  • Enter the details of care.
  • Submit to document your care on the Pointclickcare POC CNA login module.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the official website for pointclickcare login?

Go to login.pointclickcare.com to login.

How can I reset my password?

Login to the pointclickcare dashboard and then go to My profile option. Change your password there.

Can I log into PointClickCare from home?

Yes, you can.

What is POC in CNA?

POC Stands for Point of Care.

Does PointClickCare have an app?

Yes, the app comes by the name ‘Companion’.

Why can’t I login to my PCC Account?

There must be some issue with the PCC account. Contact support for the help.

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