PharmEasy’s Clever “LEAKED: Chat with Dad” Ad Spreads Laughter and Awareness

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PharmEasy has launched a humorous campaign named “LEAKED: Chat with Dad,” featuring a mock chat that playfully addresses Vitamin D deficiency. The email promotion shows a faux WhatsApp exchange where a child’s disclosure of Vitamin D deficiency leads to a witty misunderstanding with the dad, who jestingly asks, “Why not A?”

Here’s the full chat showcased in the campaign:

  • Child: “Vitamin D deficiency”
  • Dad: “Why not A? 😡😡😡”
  • Child: “papa yaar 😭😭😭”
  • Child: “Almost 80% of the country gets the same result!💀”

With just a few lines, the ad humorously conveys a common health issue, while the punchline not only delivers a chuckle but also a fact about Vitamin D deficiency in India. It’s a playful reminder of the importance of health in a format that’s relatable and shareable, proving that sometimes, laughter really is the best medicine.

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