“No One Above Bhagwan Ram”, Leaders Are Leaving Congress Party In Anger

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A big twist in the political game! A leader from the Congress party in Gujarat, MLA Chatursinh Javanji Chavda, has resigned. He’s upset with his party’s stand on the upcoming Ram Mandir event in Ayodhya. This has put the Congress in a tough spot, and people are saying Chavda might join the BJP soon.

Why did Chavda resign?

Chavda is a big leader in North Gujarat, and he’s known for his support of the Kshatriya community. He was not happy with how the Congress was handling the Ayodhya issue. The BJP, on the other hand, has been going all out for the Ram Mandir, and this might be why Chavda is thinking of switching sides.

What does this mean for the Congress?

The Congress has already lost a lot of ground in Gujarat in the recent elections. If Chavda joins the BJP, it could be a big blow for the party. Other Congress MLAs might also be tempted to switch sides, which would make things even worse for the Congress.

What is the BJP saying?

The BJP is, of course, happy about Chavda’s resignation. They’re welcoming him with open arms and saying that he would be a valuable asset to their party. They’re also hoping that more Congress MLAs will follow Chavda’s lead.

What does this mean for the upcoming elections?

It’s still too early to say what impact Chavda’s resignation will have on the upcoming elections. But one thing is for sure: the Ayodhya issue is going to play a big role in the polls. The BJP is already using it to their advantage, and the Congress will have to come up with a good strategy to counter it.

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