Major Farmer Schemes by Government of India for 2024

The Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare has implemented various schemes and initiatives in recent years to improve the lives of farmers and boost agricultural productivity in India. Here are some of the key highlights:

Financial Support:

  • PM-KISAN: This scheme provides an annual financial benefit of Rs. 6,000 to eligible farmers, directly transferred to their bank accounts. Over 11 crore farmers have benefited from this scheme, receiving a total of Rs. 2.81 lakh crore.
  • PM-KMY: This scheme provides a monthly pension of Rs. 3,000 to small and marginal farmers after they attain the age of 60. As of now, over 23 lakh farmers are enrolled in this scheme.

Risk Management and Crop Insurance:

  • PMFBY: This scheme provides comprehensive risk cover for crops against natural calamities. Over 5549.40 lakh farmers have been insured under this scheme since 2016-17, with a total claim paid out of Rs. 150589.10 crore.
  • Interest Subvention Scheme: This scheme provides concessional short-term loans to farmers at an interest rate of 7% per annum. Additionally, 3% subvention is given for prompt repayment, reducing the effective rate to 4%.

Infrastructure and Capacity Building:

  • Kisan Credit Card Saturation Drive: This drive aims to provide KCCs to all eligible farmers, ensuring easy access to credit. Over 482.73 lakh new KCC applications have been sanctioned under this drive so far.
  • Formation of FPOs: This scheme promotes the formation and promotion of Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) to enable collective action and improve market access for farmers. Over 7476 FPOs have been registered under this scheme.
  • Agri Infra Fund: This fund provides financial assistance for setting up post-harvest management infrastructure and community farming assets. As of November 17, 2023, Rs. 32,042 crores have been sanctioned for over 42,447 projects under this fund.

Other Initiatives:

  • National Mission on Edible Oil-Oil Palm (NMEO-OP): This mission aims to increase oil palm cultivation and reduce dependence on imported edible oil.
  • National Beekeeping & Honey Mission (NBHM): This mission promotes scientific beekeeping and aims to achieve a “Sweet Revolution” in the country.
  • National Mission on Natural Farming (NMNF): This mission promotes the adoption of natural farming practices for sustainable agriculture.
  • MSP for Crops: The government has increased the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for various crops, ensuring fair returns to farmers.
  • International Year of Millets (IYM): The government has taken various initiatives to promote millets, a nutritious and climate-resilient crop.
  • Promotion of Drone Technology: The government is promoting drone technology in agriculture for tasks like crop surveying and spraying pesticides.
  • Namo Drone Didi: This scheme aims to provide drones to Women Self Help Groups (SHGs) for offering rental services to farmers.
  • Agri Startups: The government supports agri-startups through various initiatives, including the RKVY Agri-startup Programme.
  • Agristack: This is a digital platform for better planning, monitoring, and policy making in the agriculture sector.

These are just some of the numerous initiatives undertaken by the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare to improve the lives of farmers and ensure food security for the nation. These schemes and initiatives have helped to improve agricultural productivity, increase farmers’ income, and create a more sustainable agricultural sector in India.

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