Kabir Puraskar Award By Government of India, All You Need To Know

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Do you know a hero? – Someone who risked their life to save others? Someone who stood up for what’s right, even when it was dangerous? The Kabir Puraskar Award honors these brave individuals who promote peace and unity in our country.

What is the Kabir Puraskar Award?

The Kabir Puraskar Award is a special prize given by the Indian government to ordinary people who show amazing courage and kindness. These heroes put themselves in danger to protect others, regardless of their religion, caste, or tribe.

Who can win the Kabir Puraskar Award?

Anyone! Men, women, young or old, from any walk of life, can be nominated for this Kabir Puraskar Award. However, it excludes police officers, soldiers, and firefighters, as their bravery is already honored through other means.

What acts deserve the Kabir Puraskar Award?

This Kabir Puraskar Award recognizes three levels of bravery:

  • Grade I: Saving lives or property with very high risk, even sacrificing oneself or family members.
  • Grade II: Saving lives or property with significant risk, potentially resulting in injury.
  • Grade III: Showing courage and quick thinking to save lives or property.

How can I nominate someone for Kabir Puraskar Award?

If you know someone who deserves Kabir Puraskar Award, you can contact your local government to start the nomination process.

Why is the Kabir Puraskar Award important?

This award reminds us that heroes come in all shapes and sizes. It encourages us to stand up for what’s right, even when it’s difficult, and to build bridges between different communities. By recognizing ordinary people’s extraordinary acts, we inspire others to do the same and create a more peaceful and harmonious India.

  • The Award is announced on October 2nd each year.
  • Winners receive a cash prize and a certificate.
  • The Prime Minister may present the Award.

Spread the word! Let everyone know about the Kabir Puraskar Award and celebrate the heroes who make our country a better place.

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