Indian Oil Petrol Pump and Indane LPG Complaints

Complaints regarding various issues at Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) petrol pumps and with the Indane LPG service have been mounting, causing inconvenience and frustration for customers. From minimum purchase requirements and blocked user IDs to unavailability of toilet facilities and automatic cancellation of gas cylinder bookings, customers are seeking answers and resolutions. Instances of adulterated petrol, extra charges, and alleged non-responsiveness to safety complaints have also been reported. In this article, we delve into these grievances, emphasizing the need for prompt action to address customer concerns and ensure their satisfaction. Please note that the content presented here is based on gathered complaints and is intended for informational purposes only, with no intention of assigning blame or responsibility.

Minimum Purchase Requirement at Petrol Pumps Causes Inconvenience

Customers have expressed frustration over Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) petrol pumps’ refusal to dispense fuel for amounts below 500 rupees. This minimum purchase requirement has inconvenienced many individuals who only needed a small quantity of petrol in emergency situations. This is limited to certain petrol pumps, however.

Blocked Indane LPG User IDs Create Booking Issues

Several users have reported problems with blocked Indane LPG User IDs, preventing them from accessing their accounts and making essential refill bookings. This issue has resulted in delays and inconvenience for those relying on the LPG service.

Unavailability of Toilet Facilities at IOC Petrol Pumps

Customers have highlighted the lack of functioning toilets at certain Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) petrol pumps, despite promises of free toilet facilities. Locked restrooms have left customers without access to clean and hygienic washrooms.

Automatic Cancellation of Gas Cylinder Bookings Raises Concerns

Customers who eagerly anticipated gas cylinder deliveries were disappointed to receive notifications stating that their bookings had been automatically canceled. This sudden cancellation without clear explanations has left customers dissatisfied and seeking answers.

Shortage of Regular Petrol at Specific IOC Petrol Pumps

Customers have expressed disappointment over the recurring unavailability of regular petrol at certain IOC petrol pumps. Continuous requests for regular petrol have been met with responses claiming a shortage, forcing customers to purchase more expensive alternatives.

Complaints of Adulterated Petrol with Water

Customers have reported instances of receiving adulterated petrol mixed with water, leading to vehicle breakdowns and financial losses. These customers are demanding swift action, refunds, and compensation for the damages incurred.

Extra Charges for Cylinder Delivery and Error Measuring

Complaints have been filed regarding additional charges levied for cylinder deliveries and issues with measurement accuracy at Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) petrol pumps. These concerns have resulted in financial losses and a loss of trust among customers.

Alleged Non-Responsiveness to Cylinder Leakage Complaints

Customers have expressed dissatisfaction with agencies’ alleged lack of responsiveness to complaints regarding cylinder leakage. The delayed response and lack of action have raised safety concerns among affected customers.

Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has been notified of these complaints and customers eagerly await resolutions to their grievances. It is crucial for IOC to address these concerns promptly to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain its reputation.

Disclaimer: The content presented here consists of complaints gathered from various sources. It is important to note that these complaints are intended for informational purposes only and do not aim to assign blame or responsibility to any specific entity.

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