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Update, visit this page for latest changes in IFHRMS Login.

IFHRMS Login Home – Government of Tamil Nadu has established an online portal called IFHRMS. IFHRMS stands for Integrated Financial and Human Resources Management System. Official website of IFHMRS Login page is https://www.karuvoolam.tn.gov.in/web/tnta/oamlogin. In this article, we are going to talk about the Karuvoolam login process and details. For IFHRMS login updates, open the login page mentioned below.

IFHRMS Login home page can be reached at the www.karuvoolam.tn.gov.in.


How to login into IFHRMS Tamil Nadu?
This is a step-by-step guide about how you can login to the IFHRMS karuvoolam login page online in 2024 –

  1. Go to https://www.karuvoolam.tn.gov.in/web/tnta/oamlogin

    First, you have to go to the official Karuvoolam website where you will find the TNTA OAM Login option for IFHRMS. There, you have to locate the IFHRMS login form.

  2. Locate the login form in the left

    The login form for IFHRMS is located in the left side of the page. To login, enter the credentials as asked.

  3. Enter your IFHRMS user ID

    You need to enter the IFHRMS user ID in the first box to login.

  4. Enter your password

    Enter the password for the IFHRMS login ID that you have used in the next box.

  5. Click on the blue button

    Now, you will see a blue login button on which you have to click. After that, your credentials shall be authenticated, and you can login to the IFHRMS login page.


This is how you can login into IFRMS Karuvoolam website. If you do not have your user ID and want to get IFHRMS login ID or password, please use the helpline number.

IFHRMS Login Index 2024

If you want to login into the IFHRMS login page, there are two index pages –

  • Karuvoolam IFHRMS login home page
  • IFHRMS TMS page

IFHRMS TMS Login details are as follows –

  • Go to http://e-sr.tn.gov.in/TAD-EUSS007/index.php
  • Enter user ID and password
  • Login to the TMS account

For any IFHRMS login problems, contact following number –

  • Contact number – +9144 40172172
  • Email address – helpdesk@karuvoolam.tn.gov.in

IFHRMS Pensioner Login

How to login as pensioner into the Karuvoolam IFHRMS login portal?

  • Go to https://www.karuvoolam.tn.gov.in/ login page
  • Open the Sign In form
  • In user type, select pensioner.
  • Enter your PPO Number
  • Enter your user ID and Password
  • Login to the IFHRMS pensioner login portal from there.

IFHRMS Details 2024

Full FormIntegrated Finance and Human Resources Management System
Official websitehttps://www.karuvoolam.tn.gov.in/
AuthorityFinance Department , Government of Tamil Nadu
DepartmentDepartment of Treasuries and Accounts

IFHRMS Helpline Number

If you get any problem related to the IFHRMS website or login, you can contact the customer support number of Karuvoolam IFHRMS . On the official website of karuvoolam.tn.gov.in, following helpdesk number is provided – 04440172172

IFHRMS departments

Services related to following Tamil Nadu Departments can be availed using the IFHRMS login option. Here’s the list of all head of departments that come under the Finance Department –

  • Treasuries & Accounts
  • Local Fund Audit
  • Small Savings
  • Pension
  • Co-Operative Audit
  • Government Data Center
  • Chief Auditor of Statutory Boards

IFHRMS Pay Slip 2024

How to download pay slip from IFHRMS portal?

  • Go to IFHRMS login portal
  • Login into the karuvoolam.tn.gov.in TNTA OAM page
  • Besides, IFHRMS page, click on OPEN
  • Select Finance option on next page
  • Open ebsprd.karuvoolam.tn.gov.in
  • From next page, click on Payroll option
  • Click on Results
  • Open Payroll results page in IFHRMS login dashboard
  • Select Period Name
  • In bill type, select regular salary
  • Search paybill group
  • Go to Payslip option and click on document link
  • Download IFHRMS bill payslip in pdf format

This is how you can download IFHRMS bill or payslip from the IFHRMS login page at Karuvoolam portal.

IFHRMS Payslip Details

Following details can be found on the download PDF payslip or bill –

  • Employee Name
  • Employee Number
  • Post
  • Office Name
  • GPF Number and CPS Number
  • Pay Details including Duty Pay, Dearness allowance, House rent allowance, Medical Allowance, Gross amount and net pay credited.


In the IFHRMS, DDO Template guidelines are as follows –

HOOHead of The Office
DDODrawing and Disbursing Officer
HODHead of the Department Commissioner of Revenue Administration
TANTax Deduction Account Number
PAOPay and Accounts Office
HRAHouse Rent Allowance
CCACity Compensatory Allowance

IFHRMS DDO Template Login

For login to the IFHRMS DDO v3 Template portal, use following process –

  • Go to http://e-sr.tn.gov.in/IFHRMS_DDO_Template/
  • Enter TO or PAO Code
  • Enter DDO Code
  • Enter password.
  • Login to IFHRMS DDO Template portal.

IFHRMS Karuvoolam NSD Change

According to latest update on the karuvoolam.tn.gov.in IFHRMS portal, a new NSD Change as have been announced.

For Feb, 21 Payroll, NSD has been separated from payroll run to avoid Mark for Retry. Henceforth, no need to give Mark for Retry for corrections in NSD.
New screen has been provided for updating NSD. The User Manual has been uploaded in the portal for the same. Click here to view the document. (Source – karuvoolam.tn.gov.in )

Epayslip IFHRMS

The government of Tamil Nadu and the treasury department provides online epayslip through http://epayroll.tn.gov.in/ website. If you want to get your epayslip, use following process for IFHRMS –

How to get Tamilnadu Epayslip?

  • Go to http://epayroll.tn.gov.in/
  • From the tngepay website, go to login form.
  • Click on epayslip option.
  • Open ePayslip (tn.gov.in)
  • Enter EmpCode and select Suffix
  • Enter date of birth
  • Click on login button.

On the next page, you will see IFHRMS epayroll system where you can download E Payslip.

IFHRMS E Challan Search

If you are working under the Tamil Nadu State Government as a government employee you can get the challan downloading service through using the Karuvoolam official portal. Through using the official online portal you can easily create e-Challan Online. For this service employees can use the official website where they have to enter some information to download e challan online. To check and Download E-Challan IFHRMS you must follow the below given procedure.

  • To complete the IFHRMS E-challan search procedure, you must visit the official website https://www.karuvoolam.tn.gov.in/ link.
  • After opening the official website home page you will have to click on the e challan search option.
  • In the new page which will appear on your screen, you will have to enter your challan number and your registered mobile number in given places.
  • In the end , to complete the procedure you will have to click on the search button.
  • Now you will receive an OTP or one time Password in your mobile number which is registered with the department to Download Tamilnadu e-Challan IFHRMS.
  • Enter the same in the place where it is asked to be put by the department website.
  • After completing the above given steps and procedure you will be able to search the IFHRMS e-Challan easily.

By using the above given procedure you can easily download your pay slip and search e challan online through using the official website. Along with the procedure to download the challan, employees also can download their salary slip on a monthly and yearly basis via TN Karuvoolam portal.

IFHRMS e-Signature Login Karuvoolam Tamil Nadu

Service to download e-signature by login is also provided through the official website of TN IFHRMS Karuvoolam. Firstly, you will have to register as the DCS on the official portal using the DCS dongle sub-treasury software. After completing the procedure you will be able to easily get TN IFHRMS Karuvoolam online service. To use the TN IFHRMS E signature login service you will have to follow the below provided steps.

For the official TN IFHRMS Karuvoolam e signature login you will need the following things.

  • Windows 10 operating system with 64 bit
  • Sub treasury DCS dongle for login
  • A software which can be complete authentication for client has name safenet
  • Computer internet browser such as Firefox MS or chrome etc
  • Wipro staff aur treasury token password

To obtain the digital signature certificate or DCS registration you can download the below-given document using the link. On that document you can read and get all the information regarding the TCS registration online. Along with this you also can get the information about TN IFHRMS Karuvoolam e signature login. The official website is provided below.

  • Firstly visit the official website link by using your internet browser.
  • After reaching the official portal you will have to click on the login button option which is given on the home page.
  • Now you need to enter the credentials for your login and verify to complete the procedure.
  • After completing the whole abomation procedure you will have to click on the login button.

By using the above provided steps you can easily get the TN IFHRMS Karuvoolam e signature login service. Also get the information regarding the TN IFHRMS login password resetting procedure. On the login section you will also get the password resetting link through which you can easily change your login credentials.


What is official website of IFHRMS login?

The official website of IFHRMS login page is https://www.karuvoolam.tn.gov.in/web/tnta/oamlogin .

What credentials are required to login into IFHRMS?

The credentials required for IFHRMS login are the username and password of the account.

Can we reset User ID if forgotten?

Yes, using the ‘Forgot User ID’ option, one can reset the ID of the account.

I have forgotten my IFHRMS login password, what to do?

Please visit the official website and then go to Forgot password link. Submit your user ID and get password on your registered mobile number.

How to generate bill in IFHRMS?

To generate bill in IFHRMS, you have to login as Financier Initiator. Go to Finance option, then DDO option and and then to pay bill group option. There, you can generate bill.

How to add festival advance in IFHRMS?

Go to IFHRMS portal and then to oracle EBS. In human resources option, select advance and then select other advance initiation. In the festival advance bulk entry option, go to Call webAdi option and enter details to add festival advance in IFHRMS.

How to add gpf advance in IFHRMS?

Go to the IFHRMS portal and then open the advance section. Open WebADI option and there you can update GPF advance in IFHRMS.

How to add dues and deductions in ifhrms?

First of all , go to the IFHRMS login page and then login as DDO User. Go to finance and payroll service option. You will see the option of dues and deduction there. Add from the page.

How to add employee in IFHRMS?

Go to IFHRMS login home page and then login with finance initiator ID. Go to Finance and payroll option and select the employee option. From there, add a new employee to your IFHRMS account.

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