How to Use Google Bard for Keyword Research in 2024?

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Forget the old ways of finding good keywords with limited tools. Now there’s Google Bard, an AI-powered language model that’s changing how we find great keywords for our blogs and. Let’s look at how to use Bard to create a strong keyword strategy for your blog and help you make more money.

Before you start reading, check our guide on using AI for blogging.

1. Find More Keywords with Topic Expansion:

Stuck on a keyword? Bard can help! Just give Bard a broad topic related to your blog’s focus, and see Bard come up with lots of related keywords, long phrases, and even trending searches. It’s like brainstorming with a Google Search expert.


Prompt: “Find more keywords and questions about ‘healthy baking.'”


Keywords: gluten-free baking, vegan baking, sugar-free desserts, healthy baking for beginners, quick healthy baking recipes, healthy baking substitutes, healthy birthday cake recipes, healthy muffin recipes

Questions: “What are some healthy alternatives to butter and sugar in baking?” “How can I make my favorite desserts healthier without sacrificing taste?” “Are there any healthy baking blogs with easy recipes for beginners?”

2. Explore “People Also Ask” Insights:

Want to know what questions your readers have? Bard can help. Get “People Also Ask” prompts related to your main keyword, uncovering potential content ideas and subtopics you might have missed.


Prompt: “Get ‘People Also Ask’ questions for ‘sustainable gardening.'”


“What are the easiest vegetables to grow for beginners in a sustainable garden?”

“How can I compost food scraps in my sustainable garden?”

“What are some natural ways to control pests in a sustainable garden?”

“What are the benefits of rainwater harvesting for a sustainable garden?”

3. Create Catchy Titles and Content Outlines:

Feeling stuck in your writing? Bard can help with creative ideas! Tell Bard your keyword and ask for catchy blog titles and content outlines. This can kickstart your writing and make sure your content covers all the important subtopics.


Prompt: “Give me catchy titles and an outline for a blog post about ‘baking with natural sweeteners.'”


Titles: Ditch the Refined: Delicious Desserts with Nature’s Sweeteners


Introduction: The rise (and fall) of refined sugar

Exploring natural sweeteners: honey, maple syrup, dates, fruit

Baking basics with natural sweeteners: tips and tricks

Recipe round-up: healthy cookies, muffins, and cakes

Conclusion: Sweeten your life with nature’s bounty

4. Predict Trends for Your Content:

Stay ahead of the game! Bard can analyze real-time search trends and suggest new keywords related to your area of interest. This keeps your blog fresh and on top of what’s happening.


Prompt: “Find trending keywords in the fitness and wellness space.”


Trending keywords: HIIT workouts for busy schedules, mindfulness for stress management, plant-based meal prep for beginners, gut health and fermented foods, wearable technology for fitness tracking

5. Optimize for Voice Search:

The future of search is conversation. Bard can help you create content that’s good for voice search by making natural language questions and answers around your keywords. This makes sure your blog shows up when people ask questions in a conversational way.


Prompt: “Write a voice-search friendly FAQ section for a blog post about ‘eco-friendly cleaning.'”


“What are the best natural cleaning products for everyday surfaces?”

“How can I make my own DIY cleaning solution with vinegar and baking soda?”

“Are there any eco-friendly alternatives to bleach for disinfecting?”

“Where can I find reusable cleaning cloths and sponges?”

By using these Bard-based methods in your keyword research, you’ll be on your way to creating content that connects with your readers, does well in search engines, and keeps you ahead in the world of blogging that’s always changing. So, use the power of Bard and see your blog grow!

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