How to Get Encumbrance Certificates for Land in Haryana And Check EC Status?

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If you own land in Haryana, it’s important to have an Encumbrance Certificate (EC). This certificate proves that your land doesn’t have any legal problems or unpaid debts.

Understanding the Encumbrance Certificate

Think of the Encumbrance Certificate as a report card for your land. It shows everyone that your land is problem-free and ready for selling or using as loan security.

What Information Does an Encumbrance Certificate Give?

  • Loans Against Land: The EC tells if your land is used for a loan.
  • Unpaid Debts: It shows any money you owe on your land, like taxes or legal costs.
  • Legal Cases: If there are court cases about your land, the EC will list them.
  • Lease Contracts: If someone is renting your land, the EC will show it.
  • Inheritance Issues: The EC will tell if your land is inherited or divided among family members.

How to Get Your Encumbrance Certificate in Haryana Online:

Getting an EC in Haryana is easy now with online services.

1. Start Online:

  • Go to the Jamabandi Haryana website.
  • Click on “Property Registration.”
  • Choose “Apply New” under “Encumbrance Certificate.”

2. Fill Out the Form on Saral Haryana:

  • You’ll go to the Saral Haryana site.
  • Enter details like your land number, location, and your contact info.
  • Upload needed documents like ID, land papers, and an affidavit.
  • Pay the fee online.
  • Save the reference number for tracking.

3. Check Your Application Status:

  • Use your reference number to see how your application is doing on the Saral Haryana site.

4. Get Your Encumbrance Certificate:

  • Download your EC from the website.
  • If you asked for a paper copy, get it from the local Tehsil office.

Things to take care of

  • Save a Copy: Keep a digital copy of your EC.
  • Update Regularly: Get a new EC now and then, especially before big deals.
  • Ask for Help: If you’re stuck, call Jamabandi Haryana’s helpdesk or talk to a local lawyer.

Having an Encumbrance Certificate for your land in Haryana keeps you safe legally and makes dealing with your property easier. Remember, this guide is for general help. For specific advice, talk to a lawyer or property expert.

Getting your Encumbrance Certificate in Haryana is now simpler with online services.

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