How to File Complaints Against Ration Shops in Tamil Nadu?

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Are you having problems at your ration shop in Tamil Nadu? Whether it’s shortages, poor quality, or uncooperative staff, it’s important to speak up and assert your rights. If you are looking for information about how to file complaints against ration shops in Tamil Nadu, this guide will walk you through the process of filing complaints about ration shops in state of Tamil Nadu very easily-

TN Ration Complaint Toll-Free Helpline

To report complaints across Tamil Nadu, you can use the free helplines 1967 and 1800-425-5901. Make sure to clearly explain your issue and provide details such as your ration card number, shop name, and address for a fast resolution.

TNPDS Ration Shop Online Complaint Registry

Visit the official website of the TNPDS, Department of Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection at to submit your complaint. You can also upload supporting documents and register directly. If you need assistance with the website, you can visit e-Seva centers or taluka offices.

Visit Ration Shop for In-Person Complaint

Head to your ration shop and write your complaint in the stock register. It’s important to get the shop manager’s signature. Additionally, you can meet with the area food inspector to voice your concerns.

Use Media Outreach to Voice Your Issue with PDS Shop

If your complaint goes unheard, consider raising your voice through local newspapers, radio, or TV channels. Sharing your experience on social media can also be effective in garnering attention.

What to Include in Your TN Ration Shop Complaint?

  • Your ration card number
  • Shop name and address
  • A clear description of the issue (shortages, poor quality, staff behavior)
  • Evidence such as photos or videos (if available)

Important Tips:

  • Be clear and respectful when stating your complaint.
  • Follow up on your complaint after registering it.
  • If your complaint remains unaddressed, escalate it to higher authorities.

Don’t tolerate irregularities at ration shops! Stand up for your rights and demand the service you are entitled to.

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