How to delete a CFMS Challan?

Here are the simplified and formal steps to delete a CFMS challan:

  1. Find the Challan:

    • Log in to your state’s CFMS portal.
    • Look for “Bills & Payments” or similar.
    • Search for the challan using its ID or details.
  2. Request Cancellation:

    • Click on the challan you need to fix.
    • Find “Cancel Challan” or “Void Transaction.”
    • Briefly explain why you need to cancel it, for example, if there was a wrong amount.
    • Attach any proof if you have it.
  3. Get Approval:

    • Depending on the amount, your boss or finance team might need to give their approval.
    • Wait for their message within the CFMS.
  4. All Done!

    • If everyone agrees, the challan will be cancelled and your records will be updated.
    • You will receive a message confirming that the issue has been resolved.

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