How To Check Payment Status By Transaction ID?

Transaction ID is an important number or reference number used by Banks and payment apps to identify each unique transaction. For each payment made, a separate transaction ID is generated. The most important purpose of transaction ID is to search a payment among millions of payments made per day in our country.

You can check payment status by transaction ID and in case you cannot find a confirmation, you can submit a complaint to NPCI regarding the same. Here is our guide to check payment status using transaction ID.

Check Payment Status By Transaction ID

How To Check Payment Status By Transaction ID?

  1. Go to your mobile app that you made payment using.
  2. In the app, check for transaction history.
  3. You can search the history using your transaction ID.
  4. There, you can check the current status of your payment.

However, sometimes, the payment is shown as pending in your UPI App like Phonepe or Paytm, but you do not get any message of money deduction. What do to in such cases?

In such cases, the first thing that you do is to check your bank passbook. If you have made lots of transaction and you want to check only the pending transaction in your digital bank passbook, you can use the UTR or Unique Transaction Reference Number to track payment status.

Use UTR as Transaction ID for payment status

How to use UTR as transaction ID to check payment status?

  1. Go to the app you made UPI payment using.
  2. Now, you will see a UTR number there.
  3. Copy the UTR number.
  4. Open your bank passbook app or bank mobile app.
  5. In the transaction history page, enter the UTR number and make a search.
  6. You will see the transaction there and the current status of your transaction too.

Sometimes, we are not very comfortable and confident with mobile apps and we prefer a personal verification of payment status. Also, in case of large payments, we want additional confirmation of payment status. For that, you can use following advice.

Visit your bank branch

You can go to your local bank branch and then ask for a payment status enquiry. For that, you will have to use your transaction ID. Write an application mentioning the transaction ID, date, time and amount. Also, mention which bank account the money was sent from.

After providing these details and mentioning correct UTR number, you can request a payment status report for your payment.

Call the bank customer care service

Another option to find out the payment status using UTR number or transaction ID is to call the customer care number of your respective bank.

Call your bank’s helpline number and then mention them your transaction ID. Verify your name and address if asked, and then they will update you with the current status of payment.

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