How to Cancel the Bill in CFMS?

This guide provides you with the steps to cancel bills in CFMS, ensuring fiscal accuracy and responsible resource utilization.

Understanding Cancellation Reasons:

You might need to cancel bills in CFMS due to:

  1. Duplicate bill creation: Submitting the same bill twice by mistake.
  2. Erroneous data entry: Errors in amounts, beneficiary details, or HoA codes.
  3. Project cancellation or change in scope: Making the bill irrelevant.
  4. Supplier contract termination: Cancelling payment to a specific vendor.

Cancellation Requirements:

Before you start, make sure you have:

  1. Bill ID or Transaction ID: This unique identifier helps locate the specific bill you want to cancel.
  2. Reason for Cancellation: Clearly explain the justification for cancellation.
  3. Authorization: Check if you need approval from designated officials.

How to Cancel the Bill in CFMS?

  1. Access the CFMS Portal: Log in to your state’s CFMS portal using your authorized credentials.
  2. Locate “Bill Management”: Find options like “Bill Management,” “Transaction Search,” or “Bills & Payments.”
  3. Search for the Bill: Enter the bill ID or transaction ID in the search bar. Use filters to narrow down the results if available.
  4. Access Bill Details: Click on the bill to view its details.
  5. Initiate Cancellation: Look for the “Cancel Bill” or “Void Transaction” option.
  6. Provide Justification: Clearly explain the reason for cancellation and attach supporting documents if necessary.
  7. Submit for Approval: Click “Submit” to request cancellation.
  8. Track the Status: Monitor the progress of your request within the CFMS portal.
  9. Cancellation Confirmation: Upon approval, the bill will be canceled, and you’ll receive a confirmation message.

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