How to Add New Employee To CFMS?

Adding new employees to the CFMS system can feel overwhelming, but don’t worry! This guide will give you the knowledge and steps to confidently onboard new team members.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Preparing for the Process:
  • Collect important information about the new employee, like their name, start date, job title, department, employee ID, bank account details, and Aadhaar number (if available).
  • Make sure you have the necessary access to create new employee profiles in the CFMS system.
  • Get the sanction order from your department, which approves the employee’s salary and benefits.
  1. Accessing the CFMS Portal:
  • Go to your state’s CFMS portal. Each state has its own, so make sure you’re using the correct one.
  • Log in using your authorized credentials.
  1. Finding the New Employee Section:
  • Look for options like “Employee Management,” “New Employee Entry,” or “Payroll Management.” This might be located under “HR” or “Master Data” depending on your state’s interface.
  1. Entering Employee Details:
  • Fill in the form with the employee’s information. Double-check everything, especially the bank account details, to avoid errors later on.
  • Upload a scanned photo of the employee and any relevant documents, like their appointment letter or ID proof.
  1. Configuring the Salary:
  • Set up the employee’s salary components, such as basic pay, allowances, and deductions for taxes or PF.
  • Use the applicable formulas based on your state’s pay rules. If you need help, consult your department’s finance team.
  1. Head of Account and Cost Center:
  • Assign the correct Head of Account (HoA) to which the employee’s salary will be debited. This helps track the budget.
  • Choose the relevant Cost Center within your department to allocate the budget properly.
  1. Review and Submit:
  • Review all the details you entered, making sure everything is accurate and complete.
  • Once you’re satisfied, submit the new employee profile for approval.
  1. Approval Workflow:
  • The profile will go through an approval process, which may involve your department head, finance officials, or a designated CFMS administrator.
  • Keep an eye on the CFMS to monitor the progress and address any clarifications requested.
  1. Activation and Welcome:
  • Once approved, the new employee will be added to the CFMS payroll system. They may receive login credentials or instructions on accessing their payslips and other HR information.
  • Welcome them to the team and help them with any initial questions or concerns about navigating the CFMS.

That’s it! You’re now ready to confidently onboard new employees into the CFMS system.

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