Hathway Broadband Users Complaints About Refunds, Spam calls and Connectivity

Hathway, a well-known broadband service provider, is facing a flood of complaints from unhappy customers. These complaints cover various issues such as problems with billing and refunds, subpar customer service, and connectivity problems. Many customers have expressed their frustration with Hathway’s lack of responsiveness and failure to resolve their problems in a timely manner.

One common complaint among customers is the delay in receiving refunds for overpayments or unused services. Several customers have reported making extra payments and have been waiting for weeks without any resolution. They have reached out to Hathway multiple times, but have not received a satisfactory response.

Another recurring issue is the constant barrage of spam calls from Hathway even after terminating the broadband connection. Customers have reported receiving multiple calls every day, threatening them for not returning the Wi-Fi device, even though they have already returned it weeks ago. These unwanted calls have caused significant distress and disrupted both personal and professional lives.

Connectivity problems have also caused a great deal of frustration for customers. Complaints have been made about frequent disconnections and unstable internet service. Customers have attempted to contact customer care for technical assistance, but have only encountered automated voice responses and no actual resolution to their problems.

The lack of adequate customer support has been a prevalent theme in many of the complaints. Customers have expressed their discontent with Hathway’s failure to provide a human representative to address their concerns. This has hindered their ability to seek assistance and find a resolution for their issues.

It is evident that Hathway has a substantial number of dissatisfied customers, as evidenced by the numerous complaints filed against them. The company must take immediate action to address these concerns and improve their customer service. Failure to do so may result in further harm to their reputation and a loss of customer loyalty.

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