Guide to Donating to the Gujarat Chief Minister’s Relief Fund

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Helping people in trouble is a great thing to do. The Gujarat Chief Minister’s Relief Fund (CMRF) lets you help people in Gujarat who are having a hard time. This guide makes donating simple, whether you want to give online or offline.

Understanding the CMRF

The CMRF is a charity fund set up by the Gujarat government. It helps people in tough situations like:

Natural Disasters

  • Floods, Earthquakes, Cyclones: The CMRF helps families hit by these disasters.

Medical Emergencies

  • Critical Illnesses: For diseases like cancer or heart problems, the CMRF can be a big help.

Accidental Deaths/Injuries

  • Support for Families: If a family loses someone in an accident, the CMRF helps them.

Social Welfare

  • Projects for Good: The CMRF also puts money into different social projects.

How to Donate to the CMRF

Online Donations

  • Official Portal: Go to
  • OTP for Security: Enter your phone number to get a One-Time Password (OTP).
  • Your Details: Fill in your name and how you want to pay (UPI, card, net banking, QR code).
  • Finish Your Donation: You’ll get a receipt and a certificate for tax exemption.

Offline Donations

  • Demand Draft or Cheque: Send it to “Gujarat Chief Minister’s Relief Fund” at Commissioner of Relief, Sachivalaya Gandhinagar-380020.
  • Cash: You can give cash at certain bank branches (check the official website for locations).

Important Points to Remember

  • Tax Benefits: Money given to the CMRF is tax-free under Section 80(G).
  • Every Donation Counts: No matter how small, your donation can really help.

Need More Help?

  • Contact: Secretary, Hon’ble CM Relief Fund, Block No. 11, 8th Floor, New Sachivalay, Gandhinagar – 382010.
  • Official Website: For the latest news and stories, visit

By telling others about this and encouraging them to donate, we can all help make life better for people in Gujarat who are facing tough times.

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