GMAX Login and GMAX/AMAX Cargo Tracking Online

GMAX is India’s first airport cargo community portal. You can visit the GMAX website and track cargo online. You can visit the official website of GMAX Login page and track GMAX cargo there. You can also track AMAX Cargo on the website. It stands for GKV MIAL Air Exchange.

GMAX Login

How to login into the GMAX login portal?

  1. Go to
  2. On the right side of the page, locate the GMAX login form.
  3. Enter your GMAX username and password.
  4. Submit the form.

You will now be logged into the GMAX login portal.

GMAX Online Cargo Tracking

To track GMAX cargo online, use following process –

  • Go to GMAX portal.
  • Click on ‘Online Cargo Tracking’ link.
  • Enter your cargo AWB details.
  • Submit and your Cargo tracking details will be shown there.

AMAX Login or GMAX GVK Login

AMAX stands for Adani MIAL Air Exchange. You can login to the AMAX portal using following process –

  • Go to
  • It now redirects to
  • Open the AMAX homepage.
  • Click on ‘Login or Signup’ link.
  • Open the AMAX login form.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Submit the form and login to the AMAX login page.

Click here to login.

AMAX MIAL login or GMAX GKV Login page
AMAX MIAL login or GMAX GKV Login page

AMAX Cargo Tracking on

  • Open
  • Go to Cargo tracking page.
  • Enter the AWB details.
  • Click on Search button.
  • You will get AMAX Cargo tracking and tracing details there.

For online support, use following email address – or


How to register on AMAX MIAL web portal for online transactions?

Go to and fill the online registration form. You are subjected to creation of PD Account with MIAL..

Do you need different PD accounts for Import and Export with AMAX MIAL?

Nom you can use the same PD account for both.

What details are provided on the imports homepage?

MAWB No. – Master Air Waybill number.
HAWB No. – House Air Waybill number for Console shipments.
DO – Delivery Order issuance by Airline.
DO (BB) – Delivery Order issuance by Break Bulk agent.
BOE – Bill of entry number given by Customs.
RFE – Request for examination message sent by Agent to the Custodian.
FFE – Freight Forwarded for examination sent by the Custodian to Customs.
OC – Out of charge message sent by Customs to Custodian.
BC – Terminal charges are paid for the consignment.
GP – Gate pass generated.
GD – Goods Delivered.

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