Garena Free Fire ID Ban Reasons and How to prevent it

Recently, there were lots of complaints online regarding Garena Free Fire ID Ban. People are writing mails to Garena to know why their player ID was banned and what they need to do to unban it. We did some research and found out major reasons why Garena Free Fire is banning player accounts.

Using Third Party Apps may result in Free Fire ID Ban

One of the most common replies that Garena sent to its users who complained of ID ban was that they were using third party apps. Now, this may be true. Many a times, to get better aim or to hack gameplay, people use third party apps with Garena Free Fire. That is why FF Id is banned by Garena. The main reason behind these bans is to maintain fairplay.

FF Team bans FF ID for using Mod App

Many players download Garena Free Fire Mod APKs to install modified game files. That lets them have some modifications in game and have advantage over other players. Once caught, FF Team bans their FF ID. So, you should never use mod apks for playing Free fire on your phone.

Instead, always download the game from Play store or official website to prevent Free Fire ID Ban.

garena free fire ID Ban
garena free fire ID Ban

Abnormal Activities in Gameplay

One player shared a screenshot that said – There are abnormal activities with your account. It has been suspended.

These messages means that your gameplay was not like normal players play Garena Free Fire. That is why many FF ID get suspended. Reasons may include playing through different VPN, using third party mod Apps to get advantage or playing by cheating. To unban FF ID, write an email to the FF Team and if eligible, they might unban you.

How to get FF ID Unbanned if banned?

On the official website of Garena Free fire, it has been mentioned that in case you are found doing anything unethical or against the Free Fire policy, your account will get suspended and there is no appeal for that.

So, you cannot get your ID unbanned if it has been banned by Garena. However, we think you can still try sending email to the Garena team and request a re-lookup.

Contact them here –

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