Gamca Medical Status Check Details

Foreign nationals who want to work or live in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries need to undergo a Gamca medical status check. This health assessment is important to protect public health by identifying and addressing any contagious diseases. The exam includes physical exams, lab tests, and chest X-rays. Applicants can easily check their Gamca medical status by visiting the Gamca website or the designated online portal. They just need to enter their passport number and date of birth to view their medical report, which will show their current status.

Medical StatusDescription
FitThis status indicates that the applicant has successfully passed all required medical tests and is deemed free from communicable diseases.
UnfitAn “unfit” status signifies that the applicant has failed one or more of the necessary medical tests. To be considered fit, further testing or treatment may be required.
AbsentAn “absent” status denotes that the applicant failed to attend their scheduled medical appointment. Rescheduling the appointment and undergoing the required tests are essential.
ReferredA “referred” status indicates that the applicant has been directed to a specialist for further evaluation. Obtaining a clearance letter from the specialist is crucial before being considered fit.

For individuals looking for employment or residency in the GCC, having a valid Gamca medical report is very important. You can check your Gamca medical status online on the Gamca website or by contacting the Gamca office in your country. By checking the Gamca medical status, the GCC countries protect public health while welcoming foreigners who want to contribute to their communities. This thorough assessment shows the GCC’s dedication to the safety and well-being of both residents and newcomers.

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