Freaky Kart Complaints Increase on Twitter and Consumer Forums

Freaky Kart, an online retailer of novelty and home decor products, is facing customer backlash after a number of complaints about the company’s lack of customer support and failure to deliver products after taking money.

According to multiple reports, customers who have ordered from Freaky Kart have not received their products, even after waiting several weeks or months. Some customers have also reported that they have been unable to get in touch with the company’s customer support team, which has not responded to their calls or emails.

One customer, Jennifer Shika, said that she ordered 10 mini frames from Freaky Kart on June 9th, 2023. The company took her money in advance (Rs. 699) and told her it would take 8-10 days to deliver the product. However, she never received the product and they have not refunded her money.

“I have tried to contact the company multiple times, but they have not responded to my calls or messages,” Shika said. “I am not the only one who has had this experience. There are many other people who have ordered from Freaky Kart and not received their products.”

Another customer, Nishtha Chaturvedi, said that she placed an order on Freaky Kart on May 6th, 2023. The company promised to deliver her order within 8-10 days, but it’s now been 20 days and she still hasn’t received her order.

“When I try to track my order, it shows that the order has been cancelled by the merchant,” Chaturvedi said. “However, I haven’t received any cancellation message and I haven’t even received a refund.”

Freaky Kart has not yet responded to requests for comment.

The company’s lack of customer support and failure to deliver products has led to a number of complaints on social media and online forums. Many customers have expressed their frustration with the company and have warned others not to order from Freaky Kart.

“I would not recommend ordering from Freaky Kart,” Shika said. “They are a scam company that takes your money and does not deliver the product. If you order from them, you risk losing your money.”

It remains to be seen whether Freaky Kart will address the customer complaints and take steps to improve its customer support. However, the company’s current track record suggests that it is unlikely to change its ways.

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