Finding Your HRMS ID

If you use CFMS for financial transactions and need to find your HRMS ID, which is used for employee data and records, there are several methods you can try:

  1. State-Specific Online Portals: Many states have dedicated portals for both CFMS and HRMS. Visit your state’s HRMS portal (e.g., AP HRMS Portal for Andhra Pradesh, Samagra for Karnataka) and look for options like “Know Your HRMS ID” or “Search by CFMS ID.” Enter your CFMS ID and any other required details, and your HRMS ID should be displayed along with other relevant information.
  2. Beneficiary Account Statement: If your state allows you to access your CFMS beneficiary account statement, this method can work. Look for a section with employee details in the statement. Your HRMS ID might be listed there along with your CFMS ID and other information.
  3. Payslip: Check your recent payslip for a section dedicated to employee identification. Your CFMS ID and HRMS ID may be printed there for reference.
  4. Contacting Your Department: If the above methods do not work, reach out to your department’s HR or payroll personnel. Explain your situation and provide your CFMS ID. They should be able to access your HRMS record and retrieve your HRMS ID.

Important Tips to Keep in Mind:

  • Always use the official portals and resources provided by your state.
  • Keep your CFMS ID readily available, as it is the key to unlocking your HRMS identity.
  • Be cautious of unofficial websites or forums claiming to offer HRMS IDs. They might be unreliable or fraudulent.
  • If you encounter difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact your department’s HR/payroll team for assistance.

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