ESIC Search by Name

If you have forgotten your ESIC number and need to retrieve it, there are various methods to do so. Additionally, if you already know your ESIC number and require a temporary ESIC card, you can follow these steps:

1. Search ESIC by Name Online:

  • Visit the ESIC portal and log in using your establishment ID and password.
  • Access the list of employees page, which displays the ESIC numbers of all active employees.

2. Request Employer’s Assistance:

  • Ask your employer to perform an ESIC search by name on the ESIC portal.
  • Your employer can navigate to the “E Pehchan Card” section, enter your name, and then download a temporary ESIC card by clicking on the “View Counterfoil” button.

3. Check ESI Pehchan Card or Payslips:

  • If you possess an ESI Pehchan card, your ESIC number will be printed on it.
  • In some companies, the ESIC number of employees is also printed on payslips.

Downloading a Temporary ESIC Card:

  • If you already know your ESIC number, you can download a temporary ESIC card online.
  • Request your employer to log in to the ESIC portal, navigate to the “E Pehchan Card” section, enter your ESIC number, and download the temporary card using the “View Counterfoil” button.

Finding ESI Number by Name Offline: If you are unable to locate your ESIC number through online methods, you can try the following offline options:

  • Reach out to your previous employer and inquire if they can help you find your ESIC number by searching their records.
  • Check your ESI Pehchan card or payslips for your ESIC number, as it might be printed there.
  • Contact your regional ESIC office and seek assistance in retrieving your ESIC number.

By utilizing the various methods mentioned above, you should be able to find your ESIC number and obtain a temporary ESIC card when needed.

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