– Lockdown E Pass in Jharkhand Online – Government of Jharkhand has launched epass jharkhand nic in public portal for Covid-19 pass registration in Jharkhand. For that, citizens need to visit the e-pass website and fill the application form to apply online. Go to E-PASS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM for more details.

Government of Jharkhand has launched E Pass for people who want to travel during lockdown. Government of Jharkhand has launched a web portal called On the official website of epass jharkhand nic in, one can visit and apply for new covid-19 lockdown pass for travelling and essential supplies. E Pass Registration

If you want to register online for epass in Jharkhand, you are required to first visit the following web address – . This web address has the online application form which is required to be filled by the applicant.

Please note that you will be asked for your mobile number first as it’s required for user registration on the website.

epass jharkhand nic in registration page Jharkhand E Pass Registration Process

How to register online for Jharkhand Lockdown E Pass or Movement Pass for Essential Supplies?

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your mobile number and confirm.

  3. Enter your password and confirm.

  4. Now go to

  5. Login using mobile number and password.

  6. Click on Personal Details option.

  7. Enter your name and DOB there in the Jhakrhand E Pass Registration Form.

  8. Provide personal details and Address there.

  9. Click on Save Button and go to Documents Page.

  10. Enter your ID Details as asked.

  11. Click on Apply for E-Pass option in the left side of page.

  12. Select the type of E-Pass you are applying for.

  13. Fill the Request for E-Pass wizard.

  14. Provide E-Pass category and vehicle details.

  15. Fill the Jharkhand E-Pass registration form and submit.

Jharkhand E Pass at

This is how your epass will be generated. After that, you will get a message saying – says Your certificate for E-pass has been generated successfully.

Download E-Pass at Jharkhand E Pass website

Now, to download Jharkhand Coronavirus Lockdown E Pass, login to the website again and then select Download E-Pass option in the left side of the page.

Confirm the type of journey and journey details as shown. In action section, click on View. Your epass will be generated and you can then print it using Ctrl+P.

This is how you can download EPass at website.

Jharkhand Lockdown E Pass Eligibility 2021

  1. PDS dealer Upto 27-05-2021 (From 6 Am to 3 PM Daily)
  2. Owner/ Employee of petrol pump/LPG/CNG outlet.( Upto 27-05-2021 – No time Limit)
  3. Owner/Employee of shop selling fruits/vegetables/grocery/food grains/milk/sweet shops/eatables. Upto 27-05-2021 (From 6 Am to 3 PM Daily)
  4. Owner/Employee of hotel/restaurant/dhaba.(Upto 27-05-2021 – No time Limit)
  5. Person providing transportation/logistics/warehousing services. (Upto 27-05-2021 – No time Limit)
  6. Person engaged in agriculture. (Upto 27-05-2021 – No time Limit)
  7. Person engaged in mining.( Upto 27-05-2021 – No time Limit)
  8. Person engaged in construction. (Upto 27-05-2021 – No time Limit)
  9. Person engaged in Industry. (Upto 27-05-2021 – No time Limit)
  10. Owner/Employee of shop selling construction related items. Upto 27-05-2021 (From 6 Am to 3 PM Daily)
  11. Owner/Employee of shop selling agriculture items. Upto 27-05-2021 (From 6 Am to 3 PM Daily)
  12. Owner /Employee of vehicle repair shop.( Upto 27-05-2021 – No time Limit)
  13. Buyer of permitted goods.(For 2 Hours, Daily)
  14. Government Employee.( Upto 27-05-2021 – No time Limit)
  15. Electricity/water supply/municipal/telecom services. (Upto 27-05-2021 – No time Limit)
  16. Media/courier/security services (Upto 27-05-2021 – No time Limit)
  17. Marriage ( For one Day)
  18. Last rites. ( For one Day)
  19. Air/Rail travel.( For one Day)

E Pass Jharkhand Login Page for Travel Pass

  • To login, go to
  • From the menu, you’ll find three option to login.
  • Choose between District Login, Block Login or State Login option.
  • Enter your credentials there and login.

Login Pages are as following –

  • E Pass Jharkhand State Login page –
  • E Pass Jharkhand District Login page –
  • E Pass Jharkhand Block Login page –

Other importnat reference for Covid-19 pass registration –

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