Cowin Beneficiary Reference ID – Details about Covid Vaccine ID

Since the launch of Cowin Vaccine by honorable PM of India, the Cowin 2.0 as well as the official self registration portal is being crowded by people of India. Because of rise in the pandemic, people are now eager to get vaccinated. However, since the online process requires you to first register on the Cowin Portal, the whole process has some basic details you must know. One such detail is the Cowin Beneficiary Reference ID. People are search for the meaning of Beneficiary ID on internet and how they can get their Cowin Beneficiary Reference ID number. So here is detailed information about it.

What is Beneficiary Reference ID?

Whenever government launched a scheme for mass public, it calls the people who would get benefit of the scheme as beneficiaries. Beneficiaries can be very large in number and therefore to make the process of the scheme smooth, every person is given a unique ID number for identification.

The unique identity number is called Beneficiary ID, or in the case of Cowin registration, it is called the Beneficiary Reference ID.

Cowin Beneficiary Reference ID

Cowin Portal has self registration option at the official website of and So when you visit one of these website and register yourself for opting, you get your application reference number. This reference number is used to identify you when you visit the vaccination center for Covid vaccination.

The reference number you get are submitting the opt-in form for Covid-19 vaccination through the Cowin 2.0 portal, is called the Cowin Beneficiary Reference ID.

Cowin Beneficiary ID registration portal
Cowin Beneficiary ID registration portal

How to get Cowin Beneficiary Reference ID?

To get Beneficiary ID Cowin beneficiaries can use following process –

  1. Go to cowin portal for vaccination registration.

  2. Now click on Register/Sign In yourself

  3. Open the Cowin Self registration portal.

  4. Enter your mobile number

  5. Generate OTP and verify

  6. Now enter your ID card details in the Covid Vaccine self registration form

  7. Provide your personal details as asked.

  8. Submit the form and get your Cowin Beneficiary Reference Number

So this is how anyone who is eligible to get a Cowin vaccine in India can get Cowin beneficiary reference number online. It is easy and can be done through mobile also.

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