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If you own land in Chandigarh, it’s important to know about your property. This can help with things like selling your land or solving property issues. The good news is, the Chandigarh Revenue Department has made it easy to look up your land records online through the Online Jamabandi Nakal portal. Here’s how you can use this helpful website:

Official Website of Chandigarh Land Records and Jamabandi

First, visit the official website of the Chandigarh Revenue Department: On the home page, you’ll see a link that says “Online Nakal.” Click on it to start looking up your land records.

How to Search for Your Land Records in Chandigarh?

The website lets you search for your Jamabandi Nakal in three ways:

  • By Owner Name: If you know the property owner’s name, type it in and pick the village name from a list. Then press “Search.”
  • By Khewat Number: This is a unique land record number. Enter this number, select the village, and click “Search.”
  • By Khasra Number: If you have your plot number, also known as Khasra number, use this option. Enter the number, pick the village, and search.

Looking at Your Jamabandi Nakal In Chandigarh

When you find your Jamabandi Nakal, it will show important details like:

  • Owner’s Name: Who owns the property.
  • Land Area: How big the land is.
  • Land Use: What the land is used for.
  • Location: Where the land is.
  • Rent: If there’s any rent money coming from it.
  • Revenue: Any taxes on the land.
  • Other Cesses: Any extra fees.

Printing Your Chandigarh Jamabandi Nakal

You can print your Jamabandi Nakal from the website. This paper is important for things like proving you own the land, figuring out your property tax, or solving land issues.

Other Ways to Get Your Nakal:

If you can’t use the internet, you can still get your Jamabandi Nakal by going to the local Chandigarh Revenue Department office. Just tell them what you need and give them details like the owner’s name, Khewat number, or Khasra number. They’ll help you out.


The Online Jamabandi Nakal portal is a great tool for people in Chandigarh to easily get their land records. Use this guide to help you find what you need on the website. These records are really useful for managing your property and dealing with legal or money matters.

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