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If you own land in Andaman & Nicobar, it’s easy to look at your property details online. The local government has made it simple to see your land records through the Form-F Extract (ROR) online. This is a digital record of your land.

What’s a Form-F Extract (ROR)?

Think of the Form-F Extract (ROR) like a digital paper that shows everything about your land. It tells you:

  • Who owns the land: It lists the names and ID numbers of the owners.
  • Size of the land: How big your land is in square feet or hectares.
  • Type of land: Whether it’s for farming, houses, shops, etc.
  • Where it is: The exact location, like the village and survey number.
  • Past owners: Who owned the land before and any changes made.

How to See Your Land Record Online on

  1. On the Andaman & Nicobar Administration Website:
    • Go to this link.
    • Pick your Tehsil (area) and Village.
    • Type in your Holding Number and click “Submit” to see your records.
  2. On the South Andaman District Website:
    • Visit this site.
    • Click “Services” then “Land Records – RoR.”
    • Follow the same steps as above. Other Information

  • Sometimes these websites can be slow. If you can’t see your records, try again later.
  • If you still can’t see them, you can visit the local Tehsildar’s office for help. They can give you a printed copy.
  • Keep your Tehsil, Village, and Holding Number handy for easy access.

With these online services, you can check your land details anytime. These records are useful for things like selling your property, legal stuff, or solving disputes.

Check your land details now! Go online and find everything you need to know about your property in Andaman & Nicobar.

For more detailed information on accessing your land records, you can refer to the official websites provided.

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