CCRC Cards Verification and Rejection in Andhra Pradesh

CCRC Cards, short for Crop Cultivator Rights Cards, serve as a vital tool in the Indian agricultural landscape. Issued to both landowners and tenant farmers, these cards act as a form of legal recognition and entitle holders to various benefits related to cultivating crops on designated land. From ensuring fair compensation for farmers to streamlining government support programs, CCRC Cards play a crucial role in empowering agricultural communities and fostering a more equitable and secure farming environment. Dive deeper into the workings of this influential system and discover how CCRC Cards are shaping the future of Indian agriculture.

CCRC Module - screenshot
CCRC Module – screenshot

How to Use the CCRC Module for AEOs and MPEOs

Here are some easy-to-follow steps on how to use the CCRC Module for AEOs and MPEOs:

I. Accessing the Module

1. Log In

  • Enter your Username and Password.
  • Click the “Login” button.

II. Navigation and Data Input

2. Select Location

  • Select the desired District, Mandal, and Village you will be working with.
  • Click “Submit.”

3. Viewing CCRC Card Details

  • Click on “View CCRC Card Details.”

4. Viewing CCRC Cards by Aadhar Number

  • You can access information by Aadhar Number:
    • Click on “Details of CCRC Cards on this Land Owner Aadhar Number.”
    • Click on “Details of CCRC Cards on this Land Tenant Aadhar Number.”

5. Approving or Rejecting Cards

  • Select the appropriate crop type displayed on the card.
  • Verify the information. Tick the box when you’re ready.
  • Click “Approve” or “Reject” as per the verified details.
  • Note: Ensure you verify Farmer and Owner information following the guidelines (G.O.MS.No.96 by Agriculture & Cooperation (Agri.II) Dept dtd.19.09.2019) before approving or rejecting.

III. Confirmation and Report Viewing

6. Confirmation of Approval or Rejection

  • A dialog box will pop up with your decision. Click “OK.”
  • A message appears indicating the successful approval or rejection of the record. Approved records are then forwarded to the MAO.

7. Generating Abstract Reports

  • Click on “Click here for abstract reports” to generate summary reports.
  • Click the village names to view their status report.

8. Viewing Village Status

  • The final screen will show you the overall status of the selected village.

Additional Notes

  • Always verify farmer and owner details as per the mentioned guidelines before approving or rejecting.
  • Approved records are then sent to the MAO.
  • Village status screens show the ongoing progress for CCRC activities within each specific village.

Using the CCRC Module for MAOs

I. Login and Navigation

  1. Enter your username and password.
  2. Select your district, mandal, and village.
  3. Click “Submit.”
  4. Access CCRC Card details by clicking “View CCRC Card Details.” Only approved records by AEO’ & MEO’S will be shown.

II. Access and Verification of Card Details

  1. Click on “Details of CCRC Cards on this Land Owner Aadhar Number” or “Details of CCRC Cards on this Land Tenant Farmer Aadhar Number.”
  2. If CCRC Cards exist under the entered Aadhar number, the details will be displayed.
  3. Select the crop type and check the box to proceed.
  4. Click on “Approve” or “Reject.”

Important: Always check the farmer and owner details for their eligibility as per the guidelines issued. If not matching, reject the record.

III. Actions Confirmation and Report Generation

  1. After clicking on either approve or reject, a dialog box appears for confirmation. Click “OK.”
  2. A success or rejection message will be shown.
  3. Generate Abstract Reports by clicking on “Click Here.” View village status by clicking on village names’ links.

The final screen shows the overall status of the village after completing all steps.

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