BYJU’s consumer complaint about cancellation and refund process pile up

BYJU’s, a leading edtech firm in India, is currently grappling with a surge in customer complaints, raising concerns about the company’s ability to address these issues effectively. According to a recent report, BYJU’s has received an overwhelming 4,000+ complaints over the course of the past year, indicating a growing discontent among its customer base.

The primary areas of concern highlighted by customers are as follows:

Course Quality: Numerous customers have expressed their disappointment with the quality of the courses offered by BYJU’s. Some claim that the content provided falls short of their expectations and fails to deliver the promised value, posing a significant setback to the overall learning experience.

Cancellation Policies: BYJU’s cancellation policies have become a major point of frustration for customers. The policies are often regarded as overly complex and convoluted, making it difficult for users to navigate through the cancellation process smoothly. This has presented a challenge for those seeking to discontinue their subscriptions or switch to different courses.

Refund Processes: Delays and complications in obtaining refunds have been recurring complaints among BYJU’s customers. Even when cancellations are made within the specified timeframe, the refund process has proven to be far from seamless and efficient, leaving customers dissatisfied with the overall experience.

In response to the mounting customer concerns, BYJU’s has pledged to address the issues raised and take remedial action. The company has outlined its commitment to improving course quality, simplifying cancellation policies, and streamlining the refund processes to ensure a smoother experience for its users.

To mitigate potential dissatisfaction and improve the overall customer experience, here are some recommendations for BYJU’s customers:

  1. Thorough Research: Prior to enrolling in any BYJU’s course, it is advisable to conduct thorough research and gather necessary information to ensure that the chosen course aligns with specific needs and expectations.
  2. Understanding Policies: Carefully reviewing BYJU’s cancellation and refund policies before committing to a course is crucial. This will help customers avoid misunderstandings and navigate the processes more effectively.
  3. Seeking Assistance: Customers should not hesitate to seek clarification or assistance from BYJU’s customer support regarding any queries or concerns related to their courses or policies.

The road ahead for BYJU’s in regaining customer trust and addressing the mounting complaints is undoubtedly challenging. However, prioritizing the delivery of high-quality courses, adopting transparent policies, and providing exceptional customer support are crucial steps the company must take to cultivate a positive customer experience.

Disclaimer: This news article is a summary of reported customer complaints and BYJU’s response. The claims presented here are based on available information and may be subject to further updates and investigation.

Summary of Latest Complaints:

Here is a summary of some of the complaints raised by customers regarding BYJU’s:

  1. Babasraj – Complaint about health and financial issues, requested cancellation and refund.
  2. 1981joy – Account about to expire, error in OLC classes, lack of proper response from finance department and mentor.
  3. Radhakrishnan070 – Failing to provide a refund for gate mechanical course despite cancellation request.
  4. Sadasivarao Kotaru – No update or response regarding cancellation request.
  5. Ismail Nowshath – Registration and refund issues, use of abusive words by senior manager.
  6. Suaan dash – Complaint about canceling subscription and e-mandate cancellation.
  7. – Canceled IAS English course and requested a refund.
  8. Dr. Anju Ghule – Complaint about not refunding registration fee and not canceling the course.
  9. SuvoMitra – Request for cancellation of BYJU’s subscription and lack of response.
  10. Neha.jain135 – Complaint about false commitments and course not matching the textbook.

Please note that we do not have any association with any of them and these complaints are sourced from various Internet complaint boards. We do not claim authenticity of these complaints and are subjected to verification.

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