Arecanut Market Prices And Fluctuations 2023

As of December 2023, here’s the updated price range in various arecanut markets around the region.

In Bantwala, the ‘Coca’ variety was priced between 15,000 and 27,500, with a modal price of 23,500. The newly introduced variety was ranged between 27,500 and 36,000, while the ‘Old Variety’ was priced the highest, ranging between 42,000 and 45,500.

In Belthangadi, the ranging prices for ‘Coca’, ‘New Variety’, and ‘Old Variety’ were 22,000-27,500, 32,000-36,000, and 40,000-41,500 respectively.

Bhadravathi and Channagiri markets saw the ‘Rashi’ variety being traded extensively, the modal price being 46,784 and 48,054 respectively.

In Chitradurga, varieties ‘Api’, ‘Bette’, ‘Kempugotu’, and ‘Rashi’ were offered with the latter fetching a higher price up to 46,889.

The ‘Rashi’ variety also made a significant appearance in Davanagere, fetching the modal price of 46,800.

The Kumta market experienced a wide variety of arecanut trading, with seven varieties in total. The ‘Hale Chali’ was amongst the most expensive, with prices ranging from 36,699 to 39,009.

Shivamogga showed considerable activity with five varieties of arecanut trading extensively, the ‘Saraku’ variety fetching a high price of 60,899.

In Sirsi, the ‘Rashi’ variety attracted a maximum price of 47,359 while ‘Chali’ variety was traded for a modal price of 38,013.

In the Tirthahalli market, premium varieties ‘Saraku’ and ‘Bette’ surfaced, each fetching prices of 63,500 and 47,500 respectively.

Yellapura experienced robust trading activity with seven different arecanut varieties in market. The ‘Rashi’ variety stood out, fetching a modal price of 51,239.

In conclusion, the arecanut market saw intensive trading activity in December 2023. While variety ‘Rashi’ was widely popular, the ‘Old Variety’ and ‘Saraku’ saw higher price points in markets like Bantwala and Tirthahalli respectively.

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