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Do you own property in Chandigarh and want to clearly define its boundaries to avoid future disputes and ensure accurate land records? Look no further than the Chandigarh Jamabandi portal’s online demarcation service! This user-friendly platform allows you to initiate the demarcation process from the comfort of your home, streamlining the application and streamlining the process.

What is Demarcation?

Land demarcation is the official process of establishing and marking the physical boundaries of a land parcel. This involves employing boundary markers like stones, fences, or permanent surveys to visually and officially define the property’s extent. Additionally, official records are updated to reflect the newly confirmed boundaries.

Benefits of Demarcation in Chandigarh

  • Reduced Land Disputes: Clear boundaries minimize confusion and prevent potential conflicts between neighboring landowners.
  • Accurate Land Records: Demarcation ensures official records accurately reflect your property’s actual size and location, leading to fair property valuations and taxation.
  • Efficient Land Use Planning: Precise land boundaries facilitate better planning and development for both individual properties and Chandigarh as a whole.
  • Fair Property Taxation: Accurate land records guarantee fair and equitable property tax assessments based on your property’s true size and value.

How to Apply for Demarcation Online

  1. Visit the Online Chandigarh Jamabandi website:
  2. Click on “Online Services” from the menu bar.
  3. Select “Demarcation” from the listed options.
  4. Fill out the online application form: This will require details like village/city, khewat number, name, father’s name, address, ownership details (jamabandi or mutation), and your mobile number.
  5. Review and submit: Once you’ve double-checked all information, click “Submit” to formally initiate the demarcation process.

Offline Application Method

  • Download the application form: Access the form from the Online Chandigarh Jamabandi website or obtain a hard copy from your local Tehsildar office.
  • Fill out the form: Provide the same information requested in the online version.
  • Attach required documents: These may include proof of ownership (property deed, jamabandi), identity proof (Aadhaar card, PAN card), and any other documents specified by the authorities.
  • Submit the application: Visit your local Tehsildar office and submit the completed form along with all necessary documents.

Additional Information

  • Processing fees: The demarcation fee may vary depending on the land size and location.
  • Physical presence: You may be required to be present during the physical land demarcation exercise.
  • Contact the Tehsildar: For specific queries or clarifications regarding the demarcation process, it’s recommended to contact your local Tehsildar office.

By taking advantage of online demarcation services in Chandigarh, you can secure your property’s boundaries, ensure accurate land records, and contribute to efficient city planning.

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