Annamayya Places And Guide to Transport, Parks, Shopping, and More

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Welcome to Annamayya, a lively city in Andhra Pradesh, India, named after the famous poet Saint Tallapaka Annamacharya. The city is not just known for its history and culture but also for the various services it offers. Whether you’re well-traveled or just starting to explore, this guide will show you Annamayya’s must-visit spots, from transport hubs and green spaces to shopping areas and helpful centers.

Getting Around Annamayya

  • Madanapalle Railway Station: This is the main train station for Annamayya, connecting the city to other places in India. It’s 12 km from the city center and makes it easy to get to this area.
  • Annamayya Bus Station: Right in the middle of the city, Annamayya Bus Station has buses that go all around Andhra Pradesh and further. It’s a good choice for those traveling by bus.

Green Spaces in Annamayya

  • Sri Annamacharya Park: Named after the city’s namesake, this big park has a statue of the poet, beautiful gardens, walkways, and places for kids to play. It’s great for a quiet walk or a day out with the family.
  • Bojja Konda Wildlife Sanctuary: For those who love nature, Bojja Konda Wildlife Sanctuary is a must-see. You can hike through its pretty hills, see waterfalls, and maybe even spot bears, leopards, and deer.

Shops and Markets in Annamayya

  • Rajampet Market: Dive into the busy local market of Rajampet. Here you can find fresh food, spices, clothes, and crafts. Join in the fun of bargaining and find something special.
  • Madanapalle Handloom Market: If you’re into handcrafted goods, visit Madanapalle Handloom Market. There’s a colorful selection of sarees, kurtas, and things for your home made by talented local weavers.

Helpful Places and Services in Annamayya

  • Annamayya District Collectorate: For any official work, go to the Annamayya District Collectorate. This place offers many services like land matters and help with complaints.
  • Andhra Bank – Annamayya Branch: For money matters, the Andhra Bank in Annamayya city center has you covered.

Extra Tip: Need more info? The Annamayya district website ( has lots of details on services, departments, and how to get in touch.

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