Adobe Express Celebrates Pongal with Creative Templates for Users

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In a festive and creative initiative, Adobe Express has invited its users to celebrate Pongal, the traditional Indian harvest festival, by harnessing their creativity. The company has rolled out special, free templates for creating personalized greeting cards and social media posts.

I got this mail from Adobe, and It has Pongal vibes

In a recent email, Adobe Express encouraged its users: “This Pongal, harvest your creativity with Adobe Express. Busy with the festivities? Save time. Create greeting cards or social posts for friends and family with free, high-quality Pongal templates.”

This move is seen as Adobe’s effort to blend cultural celebration with digital creativity, offering a convenient and innovative way for users to engage with the festival. The availability of these themed templates caters to the festive needs of Indian users, showcasing Adobe’s commitment to cultural inclusivity and creativity. Adobe Express, known for its user-friendly design tools, thus strengthens its position as a culturally aware digital platform.

Let me clarify here, this is not a paid promotion at all. It’s just an admiration for Adobe’s beautiful gesture.

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