The AGRICLINICS AND AGRIBUSINESS CENTERS (ACABC) in India have been instrumental in driving agricultural entrepreneurship and empowering farmers. With their ACABC Dashboard, they provide a comprehensive and informative platform for tracking the progress of trained candidates, agriventures established, and the ratio of trained candidates to agriventures. In this article, we will take a closer look at the ACABC Dashboard and its key features.


ACABC Dashboard: An Overview

The ACABC Dashboard, accessible at, is a user-friendly interface that allows users to extract valuable information regarding trained candidates and agriventures established across different years and states. It serves as a powerful tool for monitoring the impact of ACABC’s training initiatives and the progress of entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector.

1. Trained Candidates

The ACABC Dashboard provides insights into the number of trained candidates each year in specific states. By selecting the desired year and state from the dropdown menus, users can gather detailed data on the number of candidates who have received training through ACABC. This information is crucial for understanding the scale and reach of ACABC’s training programs and their contribution towards building a more skilled agricultural workforce.

2. Agriventures Established

Another vital aspect tracked by the ACABC Dashboard is the number of agriventures established each year, again in specific states. This data sheds light on the entrepreneurial outcomes of ACABC’s training initiatives. By analyzing the number of agriventures established, policymakers, researchers, and stakeholders gain valuable insights into the overall impact of these programs on promoting agribusinesses and creating a vibrant ecosystem for agricultural entrepreneurship.

3. Trained Candidates/Agriventures Established

The ratio of trained candidates to agriventures established signifies the effective implementation of the acquired knowledge and skills in practice. Keeping track of this ratio on the ACABC Dashboard provides a deeper understanding of the success rate of ACABC’s training programs in fostering entrepreneurial ventures. By comparing these figures across different years and states, trends and patterns can be observed, which can help fine-tune future training programs and support mechanisms.

How to Use the ACABC Dashboard

Using the ACABC Dashboard is straightforward. Simply visit and access the dropdown menus for selecting the desired year and state. Once selected, the corresponding data will be displayed, allowing users to analyze and derive meaningful insights.


The ACABC Dashboard is a valuable resource for monitoring and evaluating the impact of ACABC’s training initiatives and the growth of agriventures. By providing detailed information on trained candidates, agriventures established, and their ratio, the dashboard helps policymakers, researchers, and stakeholders assess the effectiveness of ACABC’s programs and identify areas for improvement. It plays a pivotal role in shaping a robust and sustainable agricultural ecosystem in India, empowering farmers and driving agricultural entrepreneurship to new heights.

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