5 Key Differences Between PAN Verification and PAN Validation

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If you’re confused by the terms PAN verification and PAN validation, you’re not alone. Despite their similar-sounding names, these processes serve different purposes. Knowing these differences can help you handle situations involving your PAN with confidence.

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the 5 key differences between the PAN verification and PAN Validation –

1. Purpose:

  • PAN Verification: Checks if a PAN number exists in the official records. Like confirming if a name is in the phone book.
  • PAN Validation: Goes beyond existence. It confirms the accuracy of details like name, date of birth, father’s name, etc., associated with the PAN number. Think of it as double-checking all the information is correct.

2. Level of Detail:

  • PAN Verification: Reveals only one thing: yes or no, the PAN number exists.
  • PAN Validation: Provides a detailed report including name, date of birth, father’s name, PAN issue date, validity status, and even additional information like photograph and signature (in some cases). It’s like getting a full profile check instead of just a name confirmation.

3. When They’re Needed:

  • PAN Verification: Often used for basic checks in everyday situations like online transactions, booking tickets, etc. When a quick yes/no answer is enough.
  • PAN Validation: Needed for critical situations where high accuracy and complete information are crucial. For example, applying for loans, opening bank accounts, filing official documents, or resolving PAN-related disputes.

4. Complexity and Cost:

  • PAN Verification: Usually a simple process done instantly through online platforms or mobile apps. Often free or with low fees.
  • PAN Validation: May involve additional steps like document upload and verification. Requires accessing official portals or authorized service centers. Typically has higher fees than verification.

5. Benefits:

  • PAN Verification: Offers basic security by preventing the use of non-existent PAN numbers.
  • PAN Validation: Provides enhanced security and peace of mind, ensuring your PAN information is accurate and protects you from identity theft and financial fraud.

This is how you can identify which option you need to choose. Based on your need, you can either choose the verification option or go for the validation one. Make sure you only use official website of authorized offices for any such activity. Never share your personal information with anyone else.

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